51 Field Sqn go Airborne

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. According to the 16 Air Assualt site 51 Field Sqn (who used to be Airmobile) are now going Airborne with a full parachute capability, then they can enhance 9 Para Sqn.

    There are also rumours about 1 Royal Irish going Airborne -anyone in the know ?

  2. 1 Royal Irsih are already space cadets so it makes sense! :D
  3. Mates in 51, will see if he knows owt
  4. 1st Bat Royal Irish is heading to Airborne capabilities after they get back from Iraq in 2006. It was up was up in the air about the para jumps, as they where just supposed to be apart of 16 AA, though now they are jumping also. My question is how are the few fat fellas who are lagging and draggin already gonna get those run times down.

    Cheers 2CB
  5. Jan 2003 saw the reformation of 23 Engr Regt (Air Asslt). Prior to that 51 was an Air Asslt Sqn which had an ABTF Fd Tp (even though it was top heavy). When i left before Crimbo we had ABTF commitments to the lead PARA BG during the year as well as an SLE Fd Tp. There were about 30 PARA paid slots and believe this is increasing. Not dissing 9 at all, but they were getting hammered with commitments so it helped them out. What also helped was running the Pre-Para at Ripon and P-Coy was at Catterick so as new guys were posted in they were prodominently steered to attempt it. Most guys posted to 23 now are ear marked to do P-Coy to the benefit of the Regt.
  6. I seem to remember many moons ago (early 90's) that a PWWR Bn was attached to 5 Airborne and had to get a certain percentage through P Coy to quyalify for attachment. The Rest were used for KP and Ech roles.
  7. From memory each air-land Battalion attached to 5 ABN BDE sent people through P-Coy and Brize, but I can only recall a handful at most and these tended to be officers who were working at BDE HQ.

    At one Ex the whole BDE head shed walked into the briefing hanger, there then followed a game of guess the regt as every swing dick seemed to come from a different unit, it was odd seeing RRF wearing the maroon beret with a hackle, not to mention the bootneck..8O
  8. That should be a lot of laughs for the incoming OC, I have heard he's a bit of a fat bloke with a definate taste for Pies.

    Let me know when he does his beat up and I'll be there with me camera.
  9. The new OC has got wings but they're TA ones. A small bite might ensue if you mention it to him.
  10. Onlu TA wings? You make it sound like they are given away with survival mags for a years subscription. Do you put an MC awarded to a TA soldier as worthless as well?
  11. Yes only 'TA wings'. Part of being in 9 Sqn involves doing the Sqn Pre Para....this, in comparison to other units' pre paras and P Coy is harder and extremely arduous and must be completed to be 'accepted fully' into the Sqn. Therefore some one who turns up with only 'TA' wings will take longer to be accepted by the blokes. I am sure that 51, with many ex Sqn guys in its ranks will adopt a similar ethos (I have been in 9 and 51). Rightly or Wrongly this is the way it is and has been for years. It may sound pompous...but its attitudes like this that make units within the Army as good as what they are...if you dont consider your Tp, Sqn, Regt, Corps to a cut above everyone else then that attitude will be mirrored when you are doing the job!
  12. Ta for the hot int. I'm all for a small bite, me - but until he turns up I'll be in the NAFFI getting the gums around a ginsters or two. Best I get good and 'pie fit'...
  13. Agree with unit pride and competitiveness but your post seems a little bit on the b0ll0x side, so PCoy for Para reg regular or TA is unworthy? The course is the test and PCoy staff, I'm sure if you ask them, are the deciders on who is good enough for the AB forces. "Only TA" utter tosh, I have heard members of the Para reg dismiss anyone outside the reg with wings as still hats even though "only" passing the All Arms course, this attitude I believe is just as ignorant as the "only TA" wings comment.

    A cut above certainly but a dose of reality please
  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Agree that the attitude of 'only TA wings' is stupid (its the same parachute, and 800 feet of gravity doesn't differentiate TA from Reg if it all goes wrong). But.....

    Having also been associated both with 9 and 51, I think that if the OC has not done Regular P Coy, then he should get himself up to Catterick pretty sharpish, otherwise he will have ZERO respect in 51 or 23 Regt. Silly - maybe, Reality - yup.
  15. Hey,

    I only mentioned the TA wings thing because I know it winds the individual up. I have my own personal view on the whole 'airborne' thing which for the most part is complementory, I just wish that the owners of the 'blue badge of courage' (their term not mine) would loose the attitude. Non para trained personnel in 23 are treated like shit on occasions by the para fraternity. Funny enough this doesn't apear to happen in 59 reference the detol badge.

    Fuse lit, I am now retiring to watch for fireworks.