51 brigade Stirling

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by theylie, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Being old & bold, is the current 51 brigade the old 51 Highland and is it TA or regular?
  2. According to the Army website, 51 (Scottish) Brigade is indeed the successor to 51st (Highland) Brigade and is the Brigade responsible for the administration of all Scottish TA units in 2nd Division. However, it is a mixed Brigade, with 4 regular Battalions and 2 TA Battalions, plus a number of TA support units under command. The Brigade Flash is no longer the famous HD on blue background, but is now a Lion Rampant on a Green and Purple split background. See British Army Structure - British Army Website
  3. 51 HIGHLAND bloody located in THE lowlands

    52 LOWLAND covering the North of England....

    Whatever next, green hackles? ;)

    As stated, the HD has gone now, forever consigned to history (until the next amalgamation perhaps) but the spirit still lives on in the various regimental associations.
  4. 51 SCOTTISH BRIGADE actually............
  5. To you maybe, but to many many people it will always be the Highland Division :)
  6. Still have a Highway Decorators Badge kicking about. When you walk in to Bde HQ. the first thing you spy is the impressive Roll of honour from the Argyll TA Btns.
  7. Correction made from someone who's rapidly growing old, it was a slip of the keyboard, and in my defence I have always referred to it as the 51st Highland Division !

    At the start of the First World War both 51st (Highland) and 52nd (Lowland) were Territorial Army Divisions, but by the second World War had more and more Regular Battalions under Command, particularly in North Africa.
  8. With reference to 2/51's origins of the Highland Brigade, by 1899, the 3rd (Highland) Brigade of the First Division was initially commanded by Major General Andy Wauchope (late Black Watch), who sailed with the Brigade Staff and 1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry, among others, on 28th October 1899 on the Cunard Liner "Auriana" (Troopship No 20) from Southampton to Cape Town. The Brigade, which included 2nd Black Watch, 2nd Seaforths, 1st Argylls and 1st HLI, was badly mauled at Magersfontein on 11 December 1899 and General Wauchope was killed. The action is commemorated in a famous Pipe Tune called "The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein" (one of my personal favourites) - why the interest ? My grandfather fought at Magersfontein with 1 HLI, six months after joining his Battalion at Fort Tregantle, Plymouth.
  9. So is the brigade HQ within the DSG depot? I know there is now a road round the back but presumably there is still mod plod on the front gate?
  10. Well Kinda, if you know where to go otherwise you might end up outside a cinema beside some really old stores buildings now owned by Stirling council. The old 7/8th had a purpose built BHQ, that was turned over to Bde in 2002.
    Bde left Perth and moved to Stirling as it is still in the Highlands honest......
    besides they have a really picturesque Castle when they wish to hold Cocktail parties and suchlike.
  11. Spotted old HD memorial in Oban earlier this year.