51 Bde Summer Challenge

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by space_commander, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. I've signed up to be a platoon commander for summer challenge in Inverness but I have very little information about it. Has anyone seen a trg prog or warning order? I've read the newspaper articles and read the website but it doesn't (predictably) provide much detail.
  2. ah, found you! Hows the blue jersey?
  3. Blue woolly pulley is cracking! Sat in the wardrobe awaiting Wednesday, as per usual.

    Loved the extension of the Fazul story by the way.
  4. I'm eagerley awaiting the next installment, we need to steal the OCs email details and start emailing out our version!
  5. Space Comander.

    Contact 51 Bde RTC at Redford Barracks. They are running the event and should, :roll: have the answers that you require.
  6. Space Comd

    As mentioned, you can speak to 51 Bde RTC who are running this. Alternatively speak to the person who you signed up to. They will no doubt have the information you seek. The other point to make is that there is still quite a bit of planning going on so - it may be that you just have to 'wait out' . What part will you be a Pl Comd on?
  7. Space Comd

    Do keep us all informed on the succes / issues with summer challenge. We south of the border watch with interest...
  8. There is a nice man on the end of a 'phone at RTC who should be able to help, failing that drop in & see the boys, you never know you could get them in your platoon/troop or may be Cherry pick a couple, visit the youngsters of the centre, if you can find them maybe you can hire them, but rember GIUY, eh Sweaty?
  9. Remember FF, we do'nt come cheap.

  10. any room for one more in the vengabus FF and sweaty??

    I think that those guys at the RTC do a splendid job and should all have yesterday off!!!!!!

    Oh and by the by space if you call the summer challenge hotline number i'm sure a certain WO2 could provide you with further info!
  11. Plenty of space left Sad S, but only until Sunday, Sweaty, Cheap?, well not that I've heard anything to the contary. RGIRUY (flashes red card for effect)
  12. Also flashes red card to save having to buy round in the mess!!!!!! GET IT RIGHT UP YI FF!!!!!!!!
  13. Ah Sadsacks, I believe the Red Card mey now require an update to bring it in line with MATT's.

    GIUY the lot of you.
  14. agreed sweaty. must speak to "The Bunker" for an updated JSP!!!!!!!
  15. Permy pens may have to be used!