51 and thinking of starting to get fit!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ayrforce1, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Any muscle busters give me some pointers?

  2. Hardly consider myself to be a "muscle buster" but the first pointer I would give you is to see your GP for a check up.

    Tell your GP what you have in mind and start off gently.

    Enjoy :)
  3. Start with a swift thrap, and if that doesn't give you a heart attack, move on from there
  4. Only run downhill...................then get a taxy back.
  5. Sorry,thought you were talking about 51 Field Squadron,unheard of getting fit!
  6. Walking and golf - all else is utterly pointless at your age. You've nothing to prove, and nobody is going to be impressed with an elderly man, with a paunch, staggering around the streets/working out in the gym in a kind of water-denied trance.
  7. What he said: get the check up first, to make sure you are OK to start training. If you get the all clear start VERY slow and easy.

    You may wish to consider joing a good gym and getting the instructors to design a program for you. Particularly if you have a specific fitness goal in mind; lose weight, more muscle etc.

    Good luck. :)
  8. Take your head for a sh1t; I've seen 60 year olds in the gym who could out-lift blokes half their age. :p
  9. 51? Only half way there!
  10. Ha ha ha, Some great responses there, Check up done!, Gym no problem i'm still serving, Golf already doing it.

    Who to impress no one!!!

    Thank you one and all.
  11. Over 50's still need to do PFT and also CFT if needed for deployment so I suspect you may be more than slightly off with your assessment.
  12. I am always impressed at seeing fat old knackers and sweaty lard arses out on the streets! The mere fact that they are out and doing it shows they are trying to avoid the great British couch potato attitude!

    I am ..ahem.. 52 next month. No paunch as I ran it off.
  13. That's me you have just described ! :D
  14. I'm 56 the same weight now as I was when I was 18... 11 stone (pre decimal), my BMI is right in the middle of the green zone, text book BP according to the quack, cholesterol Aok & no other health issues. I eat like a pig, drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney & shag like a rabbit. I never exercise, never did & never will. Never did PFT or CFT the nearest we had was BFT which I & others did via the Marchwood express, 9 mins to the port head 9 mins back to the MOD gate total 3 miles but that's about as fast as the old diesel shunter would go on that rail track. PT Wed afternoons in the Juniper Berry. Plenty of exercise for upper body strength lifting pints, lower body strength.... the long walk back after spending all our money.

    When I told my GP the above he had a duck fit, he's four years younger than me. Fat as a pig, bald as a badger and recently undergone a triple heart by-pass. He played rugby & tennis for years & even took up jogging but it did him no favours. Mind you, jogging did no favours for the guy who invented it either, Jim Fixx, who subsequently died of a heart attack whilst out jogging.