50th St Eligius Day

It was 50 years ago this year that REME adopted St Eligius as the Corps Patron Saint.

It is a little odd that the Corps hasn't mentioned this publically.

What did you and your units do?
Heywood_Jablowme said:
Scrap St Eligius day and have an Alamein Day each year on the 01 Oct. We were born during the war.

Everyone should get issued a Fez and get ratted.
Like anybody needed a excuse to get ratted. There's a reason the REME stable belt can open any beer bottle.
We kicked off the day with a service on the shop floor, inter-fitter Sect comp, beer, pizza and finished off with full blown Regt Dinnner for all ranks (EME to Cfn).

Head still hurts. :D
Having ours next week, kicking off with a short service then raft building, kart racing (obviously made by our own fair hands) command tasks, beer then quiz, more beer followed by BBQ and more beer.
PCLG said:
Why next week instead of on the day - sure there must be a good reason.
Very good reason, too many guys away so wouldn't be half the fun, so moved the day back a bit so more peeps can take part.
Better than not bothering at all which I'm sure some units are guilty of, can't see the problem myself there maybe very sound reasons why units can't do it on the day.
Not lazy at all

They did actually think about it

They were running a TTX on the day and would only have had half the lads
and the footie team were away as well as the skiers.

They also decided to combine Christmas dinner with St Eligius sports and an all ranks evening party to make one big day and to reduce the enforced expenditure on the lads' pockets at this time of year.

They also spent £5000 of COPF on a big DDay families party with live bands - like a mini-Glastonbury festival - nothing lazy about that

They also organised a wives christmas dinner especially for those wives with husbands in Afghan... as well as a big kids christmas party.

Please dont simply write them off as lazy - far from it
I celebrated by toasting the fact I can no longer make it to WO1, and consequently will never be commisioned within my beloved corps.
Sorry porterfield I disagree.

Combining St E day with Xmas activities shows a fundamental misunderstadning of why we should celebrate the day itself.

Only my view of course.

Combine that with the fact that your Bn do not wear Stable belts (a minor issue in general) you could infer that that Bn is operating well outside of the Regt'l Cols and DEME(A)'s clear direction on Corps ethos.

Again only my view.
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