50th St Eligius Day

Discussion in 'REME' started by PCLG, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. It was 50 years ago this year that REME adopted St Eligius as the Corps Patron Saint.

    It is a little odd that the Corps hasn't mentioned this publically.

    What did you and your units do?
  2. Nothing. Carry on normal grafting.
  3. Scrap St Eligius day and have an Alamein Day each year on the 01 Oct. We were born during the war.

    Everyone should get issued a Fez and get ratted.
  4. We did nothing =/ Not even a mention about it.
  5. Where was that? That is shocking.
  6. Like anybody needed a excuse to get ratted. There's a reason the REME stable belt can open any beer bottle.
  7. We had ours yesterday, few beers in the 'conference room'
  8. Good old Aldergrove!
  9. We kicked off the day with a service on the shop floor, inter-fitter Sect comp, beer, pizza and finished off with full blown Regt Dinnner for all ranks (EME to Cfn).

    Head still hurts. :D
  10. Having ours next week, kicking off with a short service then raft building, kart racing (obviously made by our own fair hands) command tasks, beer then quiz, more beer followed by BBQ and more beer.
  11. Why next week instead of on the day - sure there must be a good reason.
  12. Very good reason, too many guys away so wouldn't be half the fun, so moved the day back a bit so more peeps can take part.
  13. 15 th December.

    Gun fire
    Churh Service
    Xmas dinner
  14. So they have combined St E day with normal end of term stuff - disgraceful and lazy.
  15. Better than not bothering at all which I'm sure some units are guilty of, can't see the problem myself there maybe very sound reasons why units can't do it on the day.