50th Birthday & 50 Stories.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jeeep, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. I am compiling a list of the top 50 stories, dits, confessions etc from over the past 50 years.

    Post them on here, PM me, email me on email 50stories@ginge.plus.com

  2. What about the Sgt’s Mess (Wallop) gangbang in 93? One female special constable in full dress + 6 nameless individuals…
  3. I think the vid is still knocking around somewhere. ;)
  4. At last a story i am not in.

    I was after something with a bit more comedy in it.

  5. If its stories with you in, jeeep, I have several. ;)

    I suppose you've included the 2 Flt Norwegian Formation Crashing Team?

    The Gulf 1 Alligators?

    Battle of Box Hill?

    Anything to do with 'Kidder'?
  6. Was that involving a certain ex-Para stripey by any chance?

    As for stories:

    1. Raiders Of The Lost FARP. In 1989, a team of crack AAC troops were rightly accused of a crime they did commit. 652 FARP takes wrong turn in a German wood, get's bogged in for 36 hours with only one packet of Maryland choc Chip Cookies between them, has to pop smoke to be found by one of the cabs, then takes an entire RCT recovery unit 12 hours to get them out. Regt'l exercise almost had to be cancelled. MT Sgt's career "takes a turn" for the worse, a month later he is posted to the Eastern Front (ok...Netheravon).

    2. AAC soldiers liberate the 1 RTR Korea Bell in Hildesheim. Tankie RSM throws a track and initiates a camp lockdown until it is returned. Tense stand-off whilst 1000 personnel and quite a few civvies ponder who the guilty party might be. Answer...HQ Sqn bowser mongs have hidden it on their Sqn roof. Bell later returned, Air Troopers torn a new one, camp re-opened.

    3. You have to include the one about that guy from 3 Regt who decided to prang his car for the insurance money. One army mattress, a helmet and rollmats on his arms didn't stop him from getting knocked out as he ploughed into a tree. Luckily a German copper was nearby to wake him up and take some details.
  7. It would be rude not to 'remantle' Kuwait, in the outer rimiter over by the Alligators.....

    Surely Jimmy the fish killer and his belt fed fishing expedition should feature somewhere too

    I will make some calls and see what we can't uncover about Mr micoviscus :D
  8. All very good, but the prize is for the best written/told story :)
  9. Who was is that when asked by a visiting General what they did within the Regiment replied 'I'm jast a fackin Bowser mong sir'
  10. I recall a black lad many years ago, whilst waiting on in the Officers' Mess asking, "Hands up those who want the soup?"
  11. :mrgreen: Thats funny.
  12. Back in the dark old days we had the AAC newsletter, must have finished in early 80's or even late 70's.
    In the early days of NI fuel capacity became a priority concern with Sioux, as it had a limmeted endurance and only 48 galls if memory serves me well.
    Each Sioux had a calibrated dip stick. A wooden cross with a brass strip down the front, individually marked up by REME.
    Many a good tale could be told of Rotors running refuels, dipping the tanks while keeping Head down to avoid the whirrling Stab bar. Fun and games, Onest.
    There was the tale in the Newsletter from early-mid 70's, of a Booty cab transiting from Wallop to Plymouth with a Load of urgently needed spares.
    Fuel on take off was reduced due to heavy load and on route the Observer questioned if they had enough fuel for trip. A couple of times they landed in a field and a quick check caried out, rotors running.
    The Booty Obs was a big lad and persitted that they did not have enough fuel. Pilot pressed on untill of course the donkey went quite and a force landing took place.
    Crew got out Pilot confirmed they whereout of fuel and Obs planted pilot.
    Final comment from newsletter was,
    Is your Observer Bigger then you?
    The major details in above are correct, minor items may be at slight vairiance with historical fact.
  13. Sioux had no cockpit fuel gauge?
  14. Had to think about the answer.
    Yes the Sioux did have a Primmative Fuel gauge.
    The dail was probably state of the art but but the indicator system in the tank was a polite joke.
    On top of the tank was a circular disk bolted in position. On removal a 'Lump' of Green Slime kit with an est, 12 inches long stiff steel wire with a big 'Balsa' wood block on the end. The Balsa wood was coated in fuel resistant 'Paint' and the system floated up and down according to fuel level.
    Very crude and no one trusted it.
    The system was calibrated by, start empty tanks, set zero, add say ten gallons and then keep on adding till full. Adjust system by removing Green Slime 'Lump' and bend the 12 inches untill 'correct'.
    Now when Young Will did his basic mech course, one of the course had a monster old Humber, with very heavy fuel consumption. Exspensive to run.
    So he found a ready source of fuel. Push open the doors on Basic rotory hanger and go in and take 2 1/2 galls from one Sioux fuel tank then so no one woulld notice take the next 2 1/2 from other side.
    We all had a lot to learn in thoes days.
    As did the bowser driver who during night flying would go round and top up all the motors in the car park, did it for years, acording to ledgend, until of course one RMP sprog pilot blew the gaff.
  15. That one cracks me up I believe I know the chap involved :slow: