50cc Scooter and Quad bike for sale

People; I have two motor bikes for sale:

Boatian 50cc scooter, 57 plate, 5000-ish on the clock. Tax and MOT until Apr 2013. This scooter has been de-restricted and will quite happily do 45 mph. Use to use it to get to work and back but upgraded to a 125 recently. A very nice little machine that comes with XL Crash Helmet thrown in. About 100mpg so well worth a look. I'm in the Warminster/Westbury area and am looking in the region of 300 for the machine. Obviously open to a little bartering.

Kazuma Falcon 110cc off road only quad bike. About 3 years old, Bright Red, one owner and must have only done about 150 miles tops. (No speedo so dont know for sure). Only really used by the wife and kids when i used to take the dogs out walking so more used as a X country mobility scooter and has never been thrashed. Cracking little machine for playing around on but no good areas to get to around me now without having to go on the road and i don't have/want a bike trailer. Got to be worth a punt at 400 notes, bartering expected. In the region of 850 new so a bit of a bargain.

If interested PM me for further details any of these machines before they go on ebay.


Warminster/Westbury area.
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