502 SATCOM in 80s 30SR

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 20_Knots, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Any of you Guys still around from 1 Sqn 30 SR, from when they where in Blanford, and remember:

    Antenna boxes over a tonne.
    Option B.
    Frequency Offset sums
    White, Yellow and blue det

    The best deployments, all over the world?
  2. yep! was with 502 blue in angola!
  3. Had the honour 8O at MALBAT can't remember which one it was Blue?? Not too sure but that was the last one deployed on Ops a decent bit of kit in its day.
  4. Wow, there are people still alive from waay back when. I thought the last Op was the Yellow Det in Gib? Wasn't much of an Op, but excellent times. Malaysia, Canada, France, south cerney too much...?

    I guess you 2 where in the other Troop, and I was probably on a roulemont (633 or 254) during Angola.

    What was the name of the mad scouse YofS (dont say "YofS"), short guy, badges, marathon runner, cool bloke ?
  5. 502 Blue was used in Angola (95) Operation Chantress,and Hong Kong(95) for a comms ex for the proposed pull out in 99.

    it now sits proudly in the corps museum!

    no idea on the Yofs name!

    i was 250 sig sqn, Radio Relay op, put comms in to all the brit camps in Angola and did the link from Northern Hong Kong to Stone cutters Island. using scam 12 and shf!
  6. S_S, guess your right about last op, I was long gone by then. I had throught that as I did the trials for the 501, that when I left in 90, the days of the 502 where numbered. Guess there was still some life in it, mind you we where good at using kit long past its shelf life...
  7. Had the 'honour' of being responsible for TSC502 Yellow back in the early 90's - took it down the Falklands on an exercise.

    There was also a TSC502 used on Op Hanwood, think it was 502 White, but can't recall exactly

    anorak off....
  8. I had 502 Yellow with my in Sarajevo in 96. The Hotel Terme bar...... happy days
  9. I think I know the yeoman you speak of, he was a staffy around 1985/86, I ran with him in many regimental events. Ex 264 I think, served in the Falklands, a real character.

    As per forum rules, NO REAL NAMES.

    Probably 5'6" to 5'8" weighing around 8 stone pissed wet through. There can be only one.
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Yep trying to remember who it was that had the fcuker dropped on his hand just outside tech workshops. Didnt half go a funny colour.
  11. Wasnt the TWAT embedded in the eqpt, a small copper IUD type coil thing, not to be confused with the flexi wave guide, the worlds most expensive piece of rectangular coax.
  12. Hello Armyyid! Hows life?

    The reason we took old past its shelf life kit to Angloa was incase we had to fook off sharpish, incase the non-swimmers kicked off and jumped the wire with machetes....we took a few series 3 FFRS too..
  13. Guys,

    Great to hear that the old beast (502) lived on, and that so many of you are still around, although I must be about the oldest I was on the Yellow Det 85 to 90, whilst not on roulemont?

    Bollock_Chops, Yes that is him! Great bloke, always on the go. Giz a clue?
  14. There is a 502 in the trg wing at 30, unless that is the one in the museum now.
  15. dunno if it was moved from 30 to the museum. but it was in museum in 07.