501 Club - "Be All You Can Be!"

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cabbage_head, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. I and my troop took on the management of the 501 Club - 30 Signal Regiment's Sports & Social Club - in it's early days. We painted it, bought curtains, put up sports shirts on the walls, bought a massive set of speakers and hi-fi system, big screen and even karaoke. We also had special 501 Club T-shirts made. This was between 1998-2003 - quality times, apart from the cleaning up the morning after!

    Does anyone else have any memories? What's the old place like now?
  2. Dont forget the dance mat!!!!. Spent many a drunken Wed afternoon in there after sport making shapes on the dancefloor/mat LOL. ....Class. TM Tp ran it when i was there, good bar run by good people.
  3. Being told by the ROS that you either left now or you were locked in for the night... a very quiet day in the hangers followed!
  4. Became quite good on the dance mat,on the big screen of course. "Video killed the radio star....."
  5. Those steps were a bit of a bugger especially when leaving a bit worse for wear.
  6. Many a good night had back in the 501 circa 00-03. Just before I left 30 it was run by big Griff before he got out.

    That git was funny as feck kipping on the sofa in there all day before waking up at opening times and kicking off the inevitable all nighter lock ins with lads poring out about 6am and heading to the blokes for a quick kip, shower and sticking on a clean set of 95.
  7. :D Griff is doing the same sort of thing now, only in a civi pub. All the best.
  8. word on the street is that that place has gone downhill these days. The glory days were definately 00-03
  9. I do recall the TOT's brother? eating 25 chilli's straight up and putting you to shame cabbage-head
  10. It's run by the LAD now and open far less frequently. Offrs and seniors are only allowed in it's a function. Still cheap beer though.
  11. Duty rumour at the moment is that when PAYD comes on to Gamecock Barracks it will be run by the winning contractor........ So you all best start claiming some of the memorabilia adorning the bar before it ends up on E-Bay!
  12. Maybe so, but I've still got the scar from the skin graft on my back side!
  13. Cow

    Cow LE

    Was that big Griff from B Tp? Remeber people rolling out of there when running the camp circuit on PT!
  14. Yep Big Griff was last known to be running a pub in Trowbridge.
  15. Ah the 501 club..it conjures up fond memories....where else can you parade your troop at 1400 on a wednesday afternoon (threatening them with duty tech extras if they don't attend and get drunk, shameful behaveour cabbage head!) ran it for bout 4 months in total, was the best skive around. stock take= 1 hr...rest of day = sun bath on roof......evening=get drunk..easy! 'be all you can be' t shirts marked the beginning of the end though...i know the new TOT put alot of effort into it to keep it going but he was fighting a losing battle. remember a certain scotish tech lance jack from 256 going awol and living up there for a few days on pork scratchings an newcastle brown before leaving disguised with a paintball mask on....Once did a lap of the windbreaks in a jar jar binks hat too on my brthday whilst supposed to be serving behind the bar...good times! :D