500mil down the drain.

Excellent news. Once we know which households cannot complete the form in English we can send immigration officers in and deport the occupants.
500 mill for the whole census, bargain. BAe managed to screw 200 mil just to cut up a handful of planes. If you'd parked em round here, the gyppos would have stripped them for scrap and melted down the alloy the moment your back was turned.
Well, they'll need a translator to fathom out the bollox I'll be put on the toilet paper.

Just fill it in with the most obscure drivel and have some fun with the pointless exercise.

Somewhere in the next year, someone is going to be scratching their heads at a household of white, black, asian, chinese, other, born again christian fundamentalist muslim jews living in a leafy corner of Englandshire.
Sorry - lack of sleep. Living in the Czech Republic, hence the name Kromeriz...
Proc ty musis ucit cesky? jsem byl tady skoro deset let a ja umim prd... I find just that if you just go up to any Vasek or Honza and slap him with your British passport it works a treat!
English (or Celtic fringe) language-only forms might be a good idea...but be prepared for the return of hoardes of whinging ex-pats, kicked out from whichever country they live in, and whose language they can't speak.

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