5000 Troops on NHS Waiting Lists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Xenophon, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Waiting Lists

    It is good to see the Telegraph keeping up the pressure but the cynic in me says it will do fcuk all good - I would really like to be wrong.
  2. Looks like another hard day for the MoD Press Office. Greta work the Telegraph, lets keep the pressure up and we might actually start getting some recognition for the problems faced. I have seen very little in all the papers about the psychological benefits of keeing service folks together to allow them to talk and hence mitigate the long term PTSD time bomb that is ticking.

    On a seperate note; not so good to see this in the press Poor Immigrants. Seems that they are a higher priority for health care to Tony and his Cronies!!
  3. Just mentioned on the 'Today' program. They mentioned that they were going to discuss the topic past 0800.
  4. Just heard on Sky News the report in the Telegraph is "sponsered" by David Cameron. If the NHS is his priority, should he come to power, then perhaps we should all be contacting him and asking just where the Armed Forces and their families come in his priorities and what his plans are for them if elected to power.

    Don't know about you but I am sick to death of the NHS bottomless pit swallowing all that cash yet our service personnel still have to "join the queue" and there is little or no improvement for anyone else.
  5. Lod Bramall interviewed on BBC R4 now (0811)
  6. Hackle unfortunately Ihave not been able to listen to the broadcast, any chance of a link or summary?
  7. It took 33 months to get my 2 spinal operation, all due to the fact that the hospital I was first operated in had no military spinal surgeons. However, there were plenty on the NHS . There is only one spinal surgeon in the UK that will operate on military personnel. His location is Birmingham.

    The other point I would like to make about the 5000 military personnel waiting on the NHS is; The Y List is going to be shortened from 18 months to 12 months. If a person hasn't been operated on and returned back to work then they will be discharged with their injuries. I was informed of this some time ago by a person working within the Y List admin teams.
  8. A friend from My platoon had a stab at Sandhurst (decided he liked punching officers more than being one) and was bluntly told told to take out a Bupa plan cos the Army wouldn't do f**k all if he got injured whilst he was there. That kinda depressed me.
  9. So why's that then are military spines a different kind of backbone or is it just that most of us have actually got one.
  10. Can any Australian military add perspective here. I understand Australian military are given a private health membership card for life. Is this correct?
  11. Perhaps we should stop poking fun at the septics, it looks like they've put a lot of thought and resource into this issue. Read it and weep.

    Veterans Health Care Overview

    You have made many sacrifices as a Veteran, but just because you leave active-duty does not mean that you lose all of your health benefits. But what exactly are you qualified for? Do you need help with an old injury, rehabilitation, or alcohol/drug dependence counseling? The following is a summary of what you need to know about your health care:
  12. zippy483, The fact is we are expected to be treated by Military Surgeons, the NHS ignores military personnel due to the catchment areas. Another fact is, if you're on the NHS waiting list and get posted. Then you get moved to a hospital near to your new posting and go to the bottom of their waiting list. This is happening to spouses of military personnel at present. My MP has brought this issue up before and spoke to many military personnel in the area.

    The point you make about military spines a different kind of backbone. No but the way our taxes are taken and distributed to local councils is. The Chancellor takes all our taxes and only gives a small amount back to the local councils, therefore we are perceived as not paying our way.
  13. It is really good to see this issue on the front page of the Telegraph. Like many others here I have a certain amount of cynicism but if the issue keeps coming up it is only going to be harder for it to go away. An interesting point about Haslar though - i wonder if there is any chance of that decision getting overturned?
  14. Aaaahhhh, sounds like fiddling stats again to me! So we're short already and this is going to get rid of some more as well!!! Who thought out this ill-advised tactic?????????????????