5000+ More Troops to the gulf

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 9bee9, Sep 8, 2003.

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  1. Is this gonna be 6 months on tour 6 months off for most units!
    Back to back tours, what do you think?
  2. It seems like thats the way of things to come. This will probably piss alot of people off with all the deployements and that.
    But on the good side we will all be a bit more richer with all our lssa bonuses coming quicker. And the chance of getting a chest full of gongs and endless "This one time on tour" stories.
    Of course getting posted to a comcen could get you out of the way for a while but thats well mind numbing.
    F**k going to bosnia or kosovo for 6 months send us to comcen jamaca or britfor barbados.

    dont hate the player hate the game
  3. :roll: YEAH I HERE YOU!!!

    Good point you made about the LSSA Etc,,,,,
    But i still think that units could give more info to guy's on op tours such as end of tour dates (I waited till the last 2 weeks of 1 tour) to find out when i was flying home, But hey thats the job!
    I just think that as it now looks like back to back tours are going to happen, that a little more thought about the guys on the ground and giving them a little idea about when their gonna see wife/mam/kids etc,,
  4. 1 Div just returned and looking for vols for TELIC 3 with 20 Bde gaps to fill

    Kos Bos FI all req vols 4 months at a time continuous

    If you want LSSA its there

    But what about a home life ???
  5. Its prob an political point, but the situation will only get worse if the governement don't start thinking of how stretched we all are.

    Perhapes there should be greater bounses for going on Ops be they 6 or 4 months.
  6. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    they can pay you all the LSSA they want
    but if you are never anywhere decent to spend it why bother?
    i know we expect to be away a lot but it is begining to take the piss abit now
  7. Most comms jobs in the desert land are now getting replaced by civvies, most jobs now are all about life support, the question is who are we supporting......the civvies.