500 Scots-based Marines face third Afghanistan tour.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. 500 Scots-based Marines face third Afghanistan tour in six years

    IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent July 09 2008

    Comment | Read Comments (2)More than 500 Scottish-based Marines are to spearhead the next British deployment to Afghanistan in October, in their third operational tour of Helmand province in six years and the second since last April.

    The men of 45 Commando, from HMS Condor, near Arbroath, will be sent as part of 3 Commando Brigade to replace the paratroopers and two Scots infantry battalions of 16 Air Assault Brigade fighting the Taliban.

    About 400 Marines from 45 Commando also served as reinforcements for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, although because the entire unit did not go to war as a single body with its own headquarters, the Ministry of Defence does not count it as a full deployment.

    In effect, however, the Arbroath-based Marines have carried out four testing combat operations in six years to relieve pressure on the overstretched and under-strength British Army.

    The pending six-monthly tour will breach the MoD's own "harmony guidelines" which say that battalions should have 24 months between operational missions to allow troops to wind down, retrain, and spend time with their families.
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  2. Pedants head on.

    It not been HMS Condor since 1970ish.... Good old accurate reporting there well done.

    Head off.
  3. Good luck to the Royals.
  4. It does make me cross to read things about the army being 'over-stretched and under-resourced'.....broadcasting it like that ! Why not keep this sort of thing quiet, it really can't make life easier for the troops ? :x

    Reading a back copy Navy news today, ( Oct '07) that 40 Commando were 'heading out to Helmund province'......just as well it's old news,considering this was on public display.....can't do the marines any favours either to have their whereabouts plastered across public forums like this. :? :x

    Everything that can be done shoud be done to protect our armed forces. The Brits are far too open for their own good especially as it's our guys bearing the brunt of things in south Afghanistan. :x
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We're sending all this manpower to the Sandpit.How come you rarely read of our 'EU' partners not doing the same? Or are they exempt?? (I know Germany is.Dont they have a clause that they are a defence force only written in after WWII?)
  6. Don't the Germans have 1000 extra troops heading out?, plus the Dutch/Danes/Italian's/Rumainians...ect ect

    We are of course tied up in Chad along with the French/Poles/Swedes ECT :wink:
  7. Not sure about that clause mate. Did'nt they send troops to Gulf 1 for the first time since WWII?
  8. Germany contributed finance and equipment to the Gulf 1 coalition. Not troops. First time Bundeswehr troops opened fire in a contact said to be Op Alba in Albania in 1997, but they contributed troops in Bosnia before that.