500 Military Band Records (proceeds to Erskine Hospital)

Somebody popped his clogs and my folks have 500 military band records to get rid of; money goes to the ex-serviceman's hospital near Glasgow. The hospital has a charity shop in a Glasgow scheme, and the plan at the minute is to dump the records there. That will obviously raise about 26p - (why would someone with an interest in that stuff happen to be in this particular scheme....)

I thought ebay, but packaging records is a nuisance.

So, does anyone know of a good dealer who would take the lot - ideally central belt Scotland or the North of England, but any suggestions would be welcome.

I'll do a google search as well.

Do any have a recording of "Pevensey Legion"? Need a version of this to help keep a regimental march alive.
Besides E-Bay! this is probably the best place you could have advertised this. Any chance of listing them here and starting up an auction right here on Arrse ? when it comes to Its for Charity Mate, Arrsers are among the best there is in giving, just see the recent thread on the Op Nimby Shirts for starters...

Good Luck, anything by the RE Corps Band in that lot? :wink:


Have you spoken to the Erskine? Their fundraisers might have some ideas for you.
A catalogue would help - only a dealer is likely to take the whole lot on spec.

A 78s - EP - LP - CD mix one presumes
Thanks - Given the sheer quantity I think it is going to have to be a dealer. I'll try to find out tonight the kinds of things it contains.

Unfortunately Erskine suggested the shop - personally I can't see too many military band officiandoes wandering around Drumchapel, or not enough to shift 500 records!

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