500 Israeli soldiers fight mock war in Cyprus mountains

Sounds like a good idea to me. Cyprus has hosted not a few foreign armies over many, many years; some of which did the Cypriots no good at all and some which have provided forex of many decimal points. I believe the IDF is a 'friendly'.
Starter for ten, What are the Falkland islands?
Well amongst many other things, a f*cking long way from the UK.

Let's not descend into pedantry eh?
Dad did that back in Cyprus in the 50s on 'Operation Pepperpot' and various other cordon ops in Troodos, are they still looking for General George Grivas!

He directed the first EOKA operations from his hideout in Nicosia but soon after he moved to the Troodos mountains to lead his guerrilla teams. He recruited Grigoris Afxentiou as one of the team leaders, initially of the Famagusta district.[5] Grivas escaped capture twice after he was surrounded by British forces at Spilia in December 1955, leading to the Battle of Spilia, and at Kykkos in May 1956. A month later, chased by the British forces, he was secretly transferred from the mountains by the car of a passionate EOKA fighter, Kostis Efstathiou, also known as "Pachykostis", and found refuge in a hideout at Limassol from where he directed not only the military activities but also the political campaign, since Archbishop Makarios in March 1956 was exiled by the authorities.


Israel just doing what they always do, being duplicitous and playing both camps to suit their own needs and wants. The north is under international embargoes but there are numerous Israeli commercial investments there.
Ooh- I got in trouble for saying similar things in the past- the naughty step for you my son!

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