500% increase in cost of Forces Railcard

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pmc_abo, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. I know that it was cheap, but a 5-fold increase without warning. Bit nasty and can anyone explain why? Its now a tenner a year (but to go up to 15) sounds a bit steep and why weren't we warned?

    Another benefit trimmed.....
  2. Trigger, it was announced. You had the chance to get it renewed by 1 Nov and pay the cheap rate. It's too late now, but you might want to check your Part One Orders or AGWeb in future. Now, if you are telling me you didn't read your Part One Orders, that's a different matter.... PM me for details.

  3. I don't recall seeing that on our Part One's!
  4. Yup - warned about 3 weeks ago in my unit.
  5. You need to have a chat to your Badmin Office.

    An ABN (Army Briefing Note (for the thickies)) was released about 2 weeks before, giving you notice that the price was going up.
  6. What a shame. I always thought the Forces Railcard was one of the better bonuses of service life. In comparison to a 20 minute phonecall a week on Ops, 2 pounds a year for a railcard was a superb benefit.
  7. £10.00 a year..Cheap at half the price. The alternative is that we pay the same rates as the less fortunate civvies. Cambridge to London at £20.00 day return off peak, and anything up to £42.00 at all other times. Off peak being the most inconvenient time frame ever invented. Expensive enough complete with rail card. You'd have plenty to whinge about without one. Most cards are relegated to the back of the locker anyway.

    By all means have a rant, get over it, and then get on with it.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Apologies for being dim, but is this card available to the TA?

  9. I_rest_my_case_m'lud.
  10. I only ever used a railcard during training. Wasnt aware they still did them! Damn! Must pay more attention. (and save more money)
  11. I think the answer was no. Here's the link Railcard
  12. I still think the cards are quite a good deal, it just makes me mad when the dirty unwashed students get them for probably the same price.
  13. £20 a year for the great unwashed students AKA Young Persons for the same 1/3 off.

    So still not a bad deal at half the price.........

  14. At least you get them. Us filthy stabs get b*gger all. We can't get indulgence flights either.

    One army vision.
  15. i can say that we didn't get informed about the price rise until 5 days after the change happened.

    Oh, did i forget to mention, i work in an admin office!