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500 in illegal rave on MOD land in Brecon

I for one wouldnt mind taking part, just for informative purposes of course, i would never take advantage of any of the good looking young women there. :D


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bossyboots said:
Damn, is that why most soldiers can only do the squaddie 2 step? :lol:
And what is wrong with the Squaddie 2 Step? It is about the only dance I can do now (and then). As long as the timing is right then no problems. Bit like the waltz, less one step.

Waltz:= 1,2,3- 1,2 3 etc

Squaddie 2 step:= 1, 2-3, 1 (STAND STILL!!!!!!!!)
Given Brecon's micro-climate of rain and cold, let 'em all die of hypothermia: I can't think of a more stupid place on the UK mainland to want to have an outdoor party....


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AbsoluteJEM said:
Heard some tw@t on news whining that police were acting like 'proper fascists' because they confiscated some sound systems or something.

Why would Plod confiscate 'loud' music thingys on an area used to lots of loud bangs? Were the sheep becoming disturbed and not putting out for the locals?
Chef I knew told me a story of cooking for some unit which was doing a live fire coy attack when a rave kicked off just before the attack started think they
were close by thought the first rounds were fire works .
Supposedly all hell kicked off attack was cancelled with great reluctance.Police and army were rounding up ravers for rest of night .
he spent his time brewing up for the ravers as they were rounded some seemed to believe the army was out to kill them :D .

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