500 FBI agents to protect Team USA at Olympics?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Big vote of (no) confidence in UK's security plan, then....
  2. HA HA HA another Blairite fiasco approaches it's preprogrammed shitty end whilst the laughing assassin himself handshakes African mass murderers for a blood diamond or two!

    I'd cancel it myself.....unless he was to be burned at the stake during the opening ceremony!
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  3. Was that the plan to use 6000 squaddies with pickaxe staves?
    The septics may have a valid point.
  4. FBI: So, UK, whats the security status? Have you had any pings off that list of "world's top 1,000 terrorists" that we gave you?

    UK: Er, no. Actually we haven't had any border checks in place for at least four years....
  5. My edit in bold :)
  6. Will they bring Mulder and Scully with them?
  7. Can we have them now to replace the Border Agency?
  8. We have a UKBA?
  9. Excellent. With the sizeable contingent of French gendarmerie also providing armed support, the policing is going to be as international as the event itself.
  10. What "plan" ?? I see no plan.
  11. They'll be the ones carrying the white flags at the opening ceremony.
  12. To paraphrase an old Septic proverb: "You don't bring an ax handle to a gunfight"

    I respect the right of nations to have differing philosophies as to arming LEO's but in the US we prefer to have the LEO's at least as well armed as the criminals.
  13. America Fcuk Yeah!!!

    Can't we just tell Team America (500 armed guards) to fcuk off at the high port? And if the sporty people then don't feel like being sporty... well, Gatwicks thata way.

    For the French, Non, jai nas pas Gendarms. La Chunnel unter La Chanel Anglai ist zat vey!!!
  14. I wouldn't be suprised to see numerous bottle green uniforms appearing as well , where is the biggest group of armed police in the UK?