500 complain about a show?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. Now this is a nightmare.

    How can 500 people complain about a tv show they missed the end of because the show was about suicide bomber . Days after this outrage.

    What kind of people would call and complain ?

    Name them- Any SUN Jurnos out there this is a story so get off your arrses out the pub and report.
    Get the names from 5 and list them in your rag.

  2. strweth alive thats shocking!! 500 complete brain dead tossers IMO

    its not like they cancelled the flippin prog - am presuming this is about CSI last night on 5 - the 2 episodes are to be shown next week instead.

    better to pull the show than to have sevearl thousand angry and offended viewers jamming the lines asking how they can have so littel respect for showing such a programme.

    worlds gone mad mate :roll:
  3. Ah the Quentin Tarantino directed CSI double - wondered why it wasn't on.

    I do like the programme but not enough to get annoyed if there is a programme change.
  4. I would even go as far as to say that next week might still be too soon.
  5. hmm could be an interesting discussion .... when IS it deemed the right time for fiction to imitate reality?

    only 500 complaints .. Jerry Springer's opera received 16,500 complaints for being shown *pmsl*

  6. So much for "just getting on with it" and not letting things disturb our way of life.
  7. Telegraph had a TV review of it yesterday so we know what to expect next week
  8. I read recently that Oliver Stone is to direct a movie version of the world trade centre attack, (I wonder if it'll be as accurate as Blackhawk Down) so it seems to be about 4 years.