50 Years Anniversary

On the 6th of May 1959, 26 boys between the age of 14 and 16 arrived at Aldershot station all new blood for the Apprentice chef wing St omer bcks, some where volonteers, some like myself had been volonteered by military parents who thought a 3 year apprenticeship and 9 years with the colours was the ideal conclusion to holidaying in the Stalag at Hamm 8) So G&H squads were formed! a bond that was to last for us over the years, some took to the army like ducks to water, and became the backbone of the Army Catering Corps, Some like me were free spirits and were the cause of many a nervous breakdown amongst the drill and training staff, I had a permanent cell booked in the nick at blackdown , later I graduated to Colchester and Shepton mallet, but I digress To all surviving G and H squad members where ever you are :wink: have a great day tomorrow!!


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Have you passed the course yet nignoy? :twisted:
Auld-Yin said:
Have you passed the course yet nignoy? :twisted:
Dont think 8O so could never open a 10pack :lol:

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