50 opr coy pack platoon fallingbostel posting?

Discussion in 'REME' started by dombooth188, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. hi all i have just been posted to the above and just wondered if anyone has any info or been there??
  2. I was based there with the RMP in 1992, it was shite! ;)
  3. not what i wanted to here any idea how the quarters are
  4. I spent 3 years with 7 CS Coy in 2003. St Barbara's barracks is fairly big, you will be next door to 2 CS Bn as the compound you will be working in are big hangers. 50 OPR work in the ABC Halle, sharing it with 2 Garrison Civ Wksp. The best thing about working there is at 10am every Monday to Friday the German fricky van drives around the hangars - serves the best frickies and the dodgy bloke serving gives you money back for your glass coke bottles.
    As for the quarters, stay away from the flats at the back of camp(full of druggies and Turks). There are flats on camp, but they are old singlies accommodation converted and cost a bomb on heating bills. Most people live in Heidemark(it is on the other side of town) they are mostly PUMA'd flats, but there are some houses, but the waiting list is long. Recently a load of houses were built in Dorfmark, but that is 20 minutes from camp. Top tip when you do your march-in and you look at the cellar, ask the estate warden do the cellars flood! If he says no, he's telling fibs.(I lived in 42 Heidemark and every winter the cellar was 12" deep in rain water) Try and acquire some wooden pallets for your cellar stuff and washing machine(all washing machines are in the communal cellar to prevent flooding!).
    And once you start at 50 OPR it is very easy to stay within the Fally catchment(I went to the Highlanders after 2Bn REME, didn't have to move quarter, how easy)
  5. unlucky mate, loved fally but the unit is the worst ive been to, dont know what there doin most of the time and theres never anythin to do, sorry to break it to you
  6. dont sound good then will have to see there some upsides surly. any idea if there due out on tour
  7. All I can remember about Fally was late 80's early 90's visiting the Hairy Pig (Wild Boar Naafi bar) and the Copper Kettle. I do remember majority of the PAD wives were issued FMBs or white Stillettoes and mini skirts and good knocking shops were set up during the First Gulf War, Im sure Fally was INFAMOUS for the biggest surge of pregnancies about that time.

    The rest was a haze.

    The good thing about being Packs platoon though is that you will always get blamed by FRG and FRTs when they get a dud pack. Enjoy Fally though as I wish I was back in Boxhead land.
  8. I'm surprised you can remember what you had for your breakfast you old git...... :p
  9. Hi,

    I have no idea about the particular posting that you ask about, but I can say this. Any unit that you get sent to can be good or bad, depending in a large part upon your attitude.

    The personalities in your CofC and the units location do matter, but your approach matters more. If you can't find a way to enjoy Germany, you are doing something wrong.
  10. Quiet old man, you were one of the main instigators of calling Packs a bunch of C*NTS when we were in FRG especially BATARRSE 93..........and if I remember right we had a few cross dressing parties round at Vehrte with Mrs 24A's underwear drawer....I still puke after seeing a certain large Reccy Mech AKA TC wearing an all in one negligee he had nicked from your MQ at the Commie centre especially with is meat and two veg dangling out for all to see.
  11. Now I dont mind doing the adjustments when fitting packs, I never minded doing the odd repair on a dodgy pack now and then, but that MM took the p1sh, and therefore they were all cnuts, as you know I sometimes get down from the fence and politely put my point across. Anyway this thread is about someone posted to Fally. Its out in the sticks but that forces you to make some entertainment for yourself, ie, go to Hamburg (oh yes) visit Heide Park (google it) do Hannover get into Regt sports and basically as said earlier you need to make something of it rather than wait for something to happen. No matter where you are posted you need to get the max out of it and put the max in, as one day you will be a crusty old git (like The Iron) and just sit rambling like one of the old blokes on the muppets :p
  12. I love you still Sir :D Yes as said enjoy Fally.....I think anyone getting a German posting now should class it as a sunshine posting.....over twelve happy years in Germany.
  13. i went from highlanders to 2bn. heard opr is crap beyound any crapness. like stealthy said avoid the bronks, but what ever happens put your name on the housing list asap.
  14. i've done a couple of attachments to 50 and its like any other job.....make yer own mind up when you get there! Fally is boring as hell, get into a sports team or find something to do else you'll just end up a (bigger) piss head.
    Packs do get monotonous.....but the lads are sound there

    Pnikies is still Out of Bounds though......grumble!!
  15. Most of the bde are afgan bound april time but not sure about you guys.