50 mile challenge in aid of the Forces Childrens Trust.



Ive a mate who is running on this event

On Sun 19th Jul 09, I aim to complete the 50 mile challenge in aid of the 'Forces Childrens Trust'. The event is an Ultra Marathon which involves running the equivalent distance of 2 marathons back to back (52.4 miles). It's always been an ambition of mine to run a marathon, so what better test of endurance to attempt to run 2 on the same day!!!

The Forces Childrens Trust is devoted to helping dependant children that have lost a parent whilst serving with the Armed Forces. Over 300 soldiers have been killed in action in Afghanistan and Iraq in recent years, with many of those leaving behind young children. The Forces Children's Trust works with both individuals and groups of children, providing educational and social opportunities whilst also providing support and advice to families.

If anyone can donate a few quid to this worthy cause, that would be awesome :)


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