50 litre plce ni patrol pack? enough for a 5 day exercise?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by armycadet3, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Is the 50 litre patrol pack big enough for a 5 day excercise?
  2. Away you go cadet-you have your own room in here somewhere
  3. Don't listen to him sweety.

    But- if you fill your 50 litre sack will you actually be able to carry it?

    The way it works is that no matter how big a pack you use you will always fill it, so the best way to go is to carry as small a pack as possible- that way you really cut yourself down to what you need rather than what you THINK you need.
  4. If you are sleeping under poncho at this time of year then no.
  5. The issue patrol packs are 30 litre.
  6. if you get issued or can buy the issue sleeping bag AKA the bouncing bomb you will need a PLCE infantry bergan to carry it and anything useful.
    5 days exercise with the cadets your going to want to carry quite a lot of stuff.
    somebody could witter on about belt kit and extra ammo but your in the cadets so that doesn't apply.
    half the crap you pack you won't need but the trick is knowing which half :twisted:

    you could and go buy the airborne SF version of the plce bergan that tops out at 165 litres! ideal for a 2week lurp mission or a day at the seaside with two kids :(
    I'd buy a big holdall to leave in the minibus and carry a daysac but if your backpacking your need a Infantry bergan
  7. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Plus the side pockets?
  8. Ah, it's that 'Patrol Pack, 30l, DPM, IRR' on the ET and SCOC discs that confused me then.
  9. Its 30 litre plus 2 side pouches at 20litres. Making it 50 litre?
  10. Ehhhhhhh I think you better just admit defeat. accept it is only 30 litres according to 5A's spot on description from the big book that every Qm's uses.
  11. I used one throughout Uhlan Eagle a few years back, and had everything I needed packed in it, including softie sleeping bag.

    That said, I did have a normal bergan on the back of a 4 tonner that I could get to every 5 days or so.....
  12. No; goodluck fitting your sleeping bag in that + all other kit.

    However if you have one of those compressed snugpack ones then yes it will be big enough as the bouncing bomb sleeping bag takes up all the fking room :<
  13. even with a softie doss bag you'd be at a push.

    the great thing about a bergen is the extra space gained by having a softie doss bag can be used for piling everything into in a totally unorganised fashion when you get bugged out.

    a lot simpler than faffing about getting it back in all the tidy pockets and dry bags you packed it in.
  14. You can easily get everything in there for a 5 dayer, Your only in cadets so you dont need to take everything but the kitchen sink, just essentials to keep you warm dry and clean