50% Council Tax Reduction on Second Homes

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Engraver, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. As some of you may be aware for those with a private home in addition to your Quarter you are entitled to a 50% reduction in your council tax. This is not a problem if your house is in Scotland or England. However if your house is in Wales this is a little more difficult. The question is this:

    If you have a second home in Wales have you sucessfully applied for this reduction or are you having problems.
  2. We have a house in Wales and were told we weren't entitled to any reduction , even though we can't live in it because we are on a posting in Cambridgeshire, apparently only butlers and publicans can get a reduction or exemption when they own a house in Wales that they can't live in due to their job !!!
    This doesn't suprise me though, I mean signing up to fight for your country or any other country as it seems these days, doesn't mean you should qualify for any help or benefits. However don't bother to work and you get all the help you need and your council tax paid for you .
  3. does this apply to me as well im a single person live in germany pay ciloct and rent but have a furnished property in cumbria and still pay 75% coucil tax been having a go for years to get rebate after numerous tours of the sandpit nayone like to tell me the score
  4. I am in a similar position; my local authority in Cumbria would not allow the second home reduction on the grounds that CILOCT is paid to central govt not another local authority. Now I rent in NI, and pay rates, and they won't give the reduction because I can't show I'm paying council tax to another LA!

    House in Cumbria now for sale...
  5. I am a single soldier paying 75% council tax on a flat in scotland that sits empty while I am in Germany. As I also pay CILOCT I wrote to my local council, paper and MP. The reply was my military address is only temporary accommodation while my flat is pernament. I have been in military accom for 23 years now, can't understand why its temporary, substandard definately.
  6. Well what I can't understand is... why do we have to pay for services that we are not using because we don't live in the property, when people who can't be bothered to get a job but use all the services of their local council get council tax paid for them.
    I don't have a problem paying for something if I get a return on it but this council tax business is beyond me !