50 Coolest Websites?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Ignoring the BS vomit inducing meejaspeek above what does the Arrse fraternity think of this years list of the coolest websites?


    Opps forgot to put my favourite. Pandora is pretty good.
  2. i do not think it is a true reflection- how many times readers are considered cool?
    notable exceptions from the list - porn sites, friends reunited, b3ta, arrse etc!!
  3. Crap list, can't see Kontraband or weebls-stuff.com in there either.
  4. Its complete 'ollocks!

    There are some nice sites ont here but not the best or coolest.
    There are a lot of timewasting sites that are missing, and i can't believe google isn't the top of the search engine list. It may be mainstream but there isn't a better generic search engine out there!
  5. How do you suss out the fiftiest 'coolest' websites anyway? Surely it's too subjective? Or do they mean 'The fifty sites which make the most money for their parent companies which are all owned by Murdoch'?

    Haha I love being political, i'm so crap at it it makes me giggle!
  6. Steven,

    Many thanks for that link, brilliant idea, just visited and it's gone straight into my top 3! (porn excluded of course)
  7. Try Some of these guys!! 8)
    Google this lot

    1. Bofunk
    2. Consumptionjunction
    3. Kaktus
    4. Flurl video
    5. time killer
    You get the message here. :evil: