.50 Browning Ammo in Afganistan

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sixty_three, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering if the issue of "dodgy" .50 Ammo for our 50 Cals in Afganistan has benn resolved . The video on Youtube shows the the 3 Para lad getting realy fustrated with the crap ammo as he tries to get a burst off but only gets stoppages and has to constantly cock the 50.I know we were borrowing .50 cal ammo off the Americans and the Canadians of a better quality, I just hope we are buying better ammo now ?
  2. It was resolved whilst 3 PARA were still in theatre. The BG' never 'borrowed' ammunition of the yanks, though we bought some from the Canadians. The Canadian SF gave me some AP 50 cal ammo and i 'borrowed' some of the estonians who promptly sent a bill to the MoD.
  3. This whole thing is ludicrous.

    My taxes are being spent on new chairs in the MoD ffs
  4. I sincerely hope that the AP was not wasted :twisted:
  5. This was an issue that was the subject of a lively discussion on this thread which includes the record of Lord Drayson's dissembing of it in response to a question to the Government in the House of Lords.

    Regards and best wishes