50,000 military personnel underpaid...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteHorse, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. I've been £300 a month down for the past 4 months now :roll:
  2. 50,000 refers to payments. Does that mean monthly payments or claims or that 50% of the Army is being underpaid?

    I am also owed about 300 squid a month going back to mid last year.
  3. Varying reports on the radio.

    Some have been overpaid, some underpaid and there are apparently 8000 payments that they don't know what has happened.
  4. I'm owed £2K!
  5. This is of NO surprise, as this government can't run an IT system, nor are they able to impute data and ensure it is user friendly, or safe from others!

    Lets face it like the Police, they have a captive audience with little or no chance of the workforce striking for management misdoings!

    I bet those so-called civil servants who put the data in so the payments can be made get ALL their pay, but the old addage SISO (SH1T In - SH1T out).

    On top of which, your bank details are out there somewhere, could that be a part of the problem? They the Mod are holding payment until the individuals have chaecked to see if their accounts are safe after these laptops being stolen!
  6. The most frustrating thing about JPA is that it is based on a business modelt used by the public sector. It works for them, so it is clearly the way it has been implemented and is administered
  7. Whitehourse, when I moved back to what I suspect was your old unit, it took a year for me to get any pay. I have not been paid any mileage. Bounty was 9 months late. I still can't sign unit paysheets, 18 months after moving, I have to send my returns to RHQ due the Sqn moving from one Regt to another andthere being some admin problem.

    Not sure if it is JPA or just useless staff in the AGC who really do not care. Lets face it, no one is going to get fired!

    I am an Officer, so I expect to be messed around, but we've had several soldiers quit over this sort of thing, and quite frankly, who can blame them.
  8. This is funny 'cos when i wrote a letter to my MP about how bad JPA was for some people, people not being paied for months or underpaid and problems with 300 series army numbers etc. it was sent on to Derek Twigg i think who basically told me there where no problems and JPA is great and that with out specific cases he could do nothing.

    so i think you lot and the bbc are telling porkies ;), or then again maybe its the MOD line
  9. Write back to your MP and use the BBC link and the MoD reply. The MP will be able to use that to extract more info. Unless of course your MP is one of Broons idiots..
  10. on calling JPAC recently i quoted my UIN for one reason or another for the girl at the other en to say ' Uh whats a UIN'? UN ****ing REAL
  11. Not to worry all their details were lost on one of those computers
  12. Perhaps the AFPRB will take this into consideration when working out our payrise......

    (Squadron of low-flying pigs passes overhead)
  13. Sorry Dinger but its that line of thinking that lumped you all with JPA in the first place. Some buffon thought the Forces pay system was as simple as a civilians and that on off the shelf package was the answer.

    2 sides of the biggest mistake:
    (1) Pose the question to any senior business person industry "Should you adapt the needs of your business to match the software" and they will look at you as if you are mad.
    (2) Ask any military person if they think it will be easy or even possible to change years of regualtions so that all 3 services have the same rules and and regulations. Harmonisation? B@llocks I say. Bitter? No not really as I didnt have to suffer it, but I did have to work alongside the pompous tw@ts who were supposedly implementing it whilst listening to their drivel about how it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread!

    wipes away the dribble and gets down off his soapbox
  14. Yet another cry of it being the clerks fault. If I remember rightly we received 3 days of top class training on Version 3 of the system that would be Version 4 when we started to use it.

    Some of us out here do give a t**s however there are obviously others that don't as the vast majority of problems we are encountering are inherited from other units when people are 'Assigned' to us.

    The implementation of a civilian system with very little cash available to actually make the changes that are required for the system to work for us is more of any issue IMHO.

    Likewise the various debacles that have taken place within APC (closure of departments 2 months before JPA came online etc) and JPAC have not helped our cause.

    Blaming the clerks is easy but it's the system and the COC that brought the system in that should be taking the brunt on this one. Seems they were happy to save money on getting rid of posts and thus saving cash prior to making sure the system actually worked.