50,000 less Media Studies degrees?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. Wonder if we'll see a resurgence in trade skills.
  2. Well at least the Hellograph got the title of their thread grammatically correct.

    Who lead the Pedants' Revolt?

    Which Tyler ;-)

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  3. Well that's 50,000 less career and financially delusional, arriving on the job market in three years time.
  4. More likely 50,000 fewer scientists and engineers. The easy programmes never fail to recruit to capacity.
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  5. I've always thought the degrees etc should be funded by a system of refund/repayment based on a. GCSE/A Level/other potential testing examinations b. worth of family and c. results of study.

    ie a Straight A, first achievig student from a cash strapped family would pay much less than some brain dead moron from any of the financial strata.

    Chuck in a cash incentive for the schools, and who knows what could happen.
  6. Get rid of the sociology, Posh & Becks studies and other Mickey Mouse degrees and get some proper science, maths, engineering and medicine courses in.
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  7. Exactly. Maths, Chemistry, Physics, all in decline, all being sacrificed to Meeja Stuwdies. Some Universities have deliberately shut down Chemistry departments to pay for an expansion of Meeja bollocks degrees.

    So sadly more likely to mean 50,000 less scientists and mathematicians, and proportionately more useless graduates incapable of thinking and whom virtually every graduate employer will weed out in assessment procedures.
  8. As I understand it the Univesities recieved a bonus from central goverment for each sucessful student, as a way of making T. Blair look good. This is clearly much easier to achieve with such courses as media studies and political science as all that's required is the ability to read the set course work and cheaper for the Uni's as they don't have to invest in expensive equipment.
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  9. If they do, I haven't heard of it. I can't find anything online either. Would you mind providing a source?
  10. Sorry can't remember the source as I think I read it in one of the broadsheets back in 2010 when the fees were increased by the tories. I only remember it because I thought at the time and still do that it was a silly way to determin the fundiing of any institution let alone a university. If I'm wrong I'm Wrong but thats the best I can do.
  11. On the upside, McDonalds will have no staff shortages in the foreseeable future.
  12. Don't jeer at fewer media studies students. Britain makes money from the creative industries.
  13. It was the other way around - there are financial penalties administered by the Higher Education Funding Council for low progression rates between years of study.

    There are cash incentives for teaching high-cost technical subjects - higher levels of subsidy in addition to tuition fees, greater access to capital grants etc.

    However the central problem with scientific subjects is that every student must have access to the correct equipment in order to learn. Many mickey-mouse degrees do not require this and students can be packed 800 to a lecture theatre (I have seen this!). So there is an economy of scale in such subjects that is not available for traditional subjects.

    That and, of course, there is virtually an unlimited pool of morons vying for a place on a Meeja Degree.