5 years left in afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by milkmclane, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. qoute from new british ambassador to afghasnistan:
    British forces may be in Afghanistan for another five years while civilians could stay more than 20 years.

    link to full article http://www.geo.tv/3-25-2009/38144.htm

    just wanted to hear peoples opinions on this

    by the way the article is about a month old, just didnt see any posts about it at the time.
  2. Not a chance, the 20year figure is closer, just my opinion though.
  3. Balkans in 95/96 , I remember talking with Brig Shaw, No sorry I remember him TELLING me " We will still be here in 10 years". Well well well, we still have UK Army there today 14 years after.

    That was a littile local do. Afgan is Geo-political. 20 years plus unless a bigger front starts smoewhere else. :cry:
  4. how long do yo reckon combat operations will last?
  5. Wouldnt it just be cheaper and have the same effect to shoot heroinusers here ? Its a horrible place and even the new government makes saudi seem a bunch of laid back hippies .So what the point ?
  6. Don't worry, there will still be some Taliban left for you by the time you get some fur on your nuts and begin shaving.
  7. My guess - within a few years there will be talks with the Taliban. They can't be ignored indefinitely. In exchange for 'peace' (ours that is) Afghanistan will be run by them and the country will sink back to its former state again.

    Call me a cynic.
  8. woah..........whiskey_60 calm down, im seventeen (been shaving for two years, just thought youd like that) and yes i am considering a career in the army,and contrary to what you think not just to 'shoot some taliban'.
    i am genuinly interested in peoples opinions on the matter.
  9. You're a cynic...but so am I,and,back in 1997 in USA,there were talks about a pipeline running from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan running through...guess where?Wonder how they're going to get that built without concessions to the local populace(inc you-know-who of course)...
  10. Can you send me some pictures of said furry nuts? Just for evidence of course.

    Why would you not want to shoot some Taliban? Are you a sympathiser? Or are you a Terrorist?
  11. And apart from no ross kemp and close friends bimbling around the place
    the diffrence to the state of the country would be ? :twisted:
  12. i cant win with someone like you so ill just bow out now.
    cheers perv!
  13. Oh yes, the US went great lengths preventing the pipeline from running straight down through the evil empire Iran. Which would have been a cheaper, shorter, more stable and sensible option.

    "Common sense" has long been bad words in the White House. The equivalent of lobbing pork chops into a mosque.
  14. call me an idiot but i think there are many parrallels between the Afghanistan conflict and the Vietnam War. IMHO it will end when it becomes political suicide for the government of the day to continue its involvement in the country... Increasing the numbers and standards of the Afghan National Army and moving to a supportive role of them while decreasing our own numbers is probably the best way forward to a positive conlusion. However this would take many years and it's success could be argued.

    A Royal Marine Captain suggested that if we bought opium [for use in medical supplies rather than illegal recreational purposes] at a higher price than extremists, we would be strengthening their economy, gaining their support, and taking away vital assets from the extremists. You can't buy an Afghan, but you can rent them. [would this make them our rent boys? :? ] I, personally, think that this is a very good idea (helping the Afghans - not making them our rent boys :wink: ).
  15. Be closer to 50 years than 5. Whoever said 5 has been smocking crack with the ANA. Its also only a matter of time before the Pakistan government invite NATO into the border regions to take the fight to the Taliban there. As the bod in Full Metal Jacket said "Its a big shite sandwich, and we've all got to take a bite"