After a mis-demenour 3 years ago I was (rightly) punished for my crime of D & D at Civil Court. I was expecting to go in front of the Old Man for a Letter of Censure/Rebuke and receive a Mark time.

However due to a delay in the process I was dragged in and informed that the CO could no longer carry our AGAI action due to the unecessary delay and that I was very very lucky.

Having no fromal mark time and CR's that recommended me for promotion, I asked where I sat only to be informed that due to my Regt entry, I was in the lower 3rd. On further investaigation I fould out that although no formal action was taken, my disciplinary record with unspent convictions sits on the left hand side of my CR report book that the boards see's for (5 years).

My question to my more learned friends is, is this legal? It seems that although no mark time was given this undoubtedly influences the board members decision with this being on the left hand side. I know they will say this does not effect the boards decision but will know doubt have some sort of influence.

I am grateful for any advice from anyone who has been through this and has more insight than myself.

I would also add that in no way do I condone my actions for Drinking & Driving. It was and is the dumbest thing I have done in a so far spotless career. I manned up and was punished quite rightly for this.


War Hero
Civil convictions are regimental entries.