5 Year Money

At our RAO we get a list emailed the month following qualification date and then call the soldier in to sign for it, then process the paperwork to Glasgow.

Amounts are below:

Enlist before 01 Apr 04. A taxable CB of £3,000 paid to soldiers with 5 years' reckonable service who have not given 12 months notice to leave the Army. A further taxable bonus of £2,500 is payable to soldiers with 8 years' reckonable service who have not given 12 months notice to leave the Army.

Enlist after 01 Apr 04. A single taxable bonus of £5,500 will be paid at a point between 5 and 7 years, decided upon by the relevant cap badge. Receipt of the bonus will commit the soldier to 2 years of further service.
Ensure that you chase your RAO, there is a JPA report sent out by JPAC (monthly) which lists all those eligiable, however, from what I have seen it is not that accurate and some times does not include all, my unit keeps a Database of when personnel are due and we submit the paperwork accordingly so 9 times out of 10 we have done it before the crap list comes out.


cheers, LJS. I'll pop in tomorrow. I think my place know my number off by heart now, not had a correct months pay since jpa came in. Then all my quals vanished from system so i think i will be chasing it up. especially as the wife has nearly got it spent already.
LJS and Elsie where are you getting these lists from? ICTs?

We haven't seen one since Jul 07 and are having to do the maths manually.

Ours is sent through from Bde. Occasionally we have soldiers who have just moved from another unit to us, this just means we have to check the full list rather than those under our unit.
Jockster915 said:
Mrs Sting depends on whether it is 5 or 8 year bonus, Corps/Regt etc.


its was a 5 year regt a few years ago now everyone else in his regt got more money.......think it was something to do with getting rent money from our own house as we got nothing back with the end of year tax return, still pi$$es me off though :x
Someone once told me that the 5/8 year bonuses get deducted from your pension in the end....is this right? I've no idea, I'm not really bothered either, just curious.

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