5 Year Bounty/Resettlement???

Hello all, after asking my pat office/company claek to no avail I wonder if there is some superclerk out there who can tell me if you can sign for your 5 year bonus and then sign off the day after? the way I understand it is if you have signed off before your 5 year point and you reach it in your 12 months notice period you cant claim it but you can claim it then sign off straight away. Also after 5 years service/6 by the time i will be getting out what resettlement am I entitled to? (My 5 year point is due in June and I intend to sign off straight after getting my bounty or if I cant then ill sign off now. (another unhappy customer))
If you serve for 6yrs, you should be entitled to 4 weeks Graduated Resettlement Time and will be able to claim up to £534 towards the cost of any training you do for civvie street. You woill also be able to claim Food & accn if no service accn available where you are training -or within 50 miles/90 mins public travel time from your course location.
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