5 Year bonus f**k up

Hi everyone!
I reached my 5 year point Jan this year, signed for my bonus 2 days later and was promised the money sometime in feb. Anyway feb came and went and no money :( the unit chief clerk told me to contact JPAC who said they hadn't received anything, the forms were sent and faxed again and i was told to contact JPAC agin in a week.

Phoned them back a week later and they still hadn't received anything, this time they gave me a fax number and a name of someone to address the fax/letter. 5 faxes later last thursday i finally get a call from someone at JPAC who says they still havent received anything but if i fax it off right then i'd get paid Monday (today). After confirming the right fax number i fax it off again. I'm furious :) no money today :( i phone JPAC and they say theres been no fax.

My unit say phone JPAC and JPAC say send another copy, i think 6 times is enough, i want to complain but who do i speak to?????

Thanks for any help
Thanks for the reply. I did try complain when i called jpac today, they said all i could do was send another copy. I then asked to speak with someone higher up or their complaints department and was told that wasn't possible i should speak with my unit.

My unit is being no help whatsoever they've said theres nothing they can do apart from keep faxing the form. :(
There is currently a JPAC customer satisfaction survey doing the rounds. I suggest you ask your unit HR for one :)
If you want to make sure it gets there send it recorded to JPAC.

To make a complaint, get all paperwork together along with a letter stating the dates the faxes were sent.

This should then be sent through your chain of caommand and then on to your SPS Bde, if your Unit Admin staff choose to go down this route (they may be able to send to JPAC direct)

Sounds like a shit lob, Commitment bonuses should take an average of 6 weeks to be paid.
Just as a point of interest, you aren't on V ENG are you? At the moment JPAC are not processing CBs for anyone on VENG. The don't tell you though, and say they don't have any record of it.

Sorry if this is of no use to you.
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