5 things you most LOVE

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_int, Mar 4, 2003.

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  1. 1)Freshly baked bread (with best butter, brie and   grapes);D
    2)freshly filtered coffee with shortbread ;D
    3)A  new book that i can't put down (and no one interupting me while I read it) ;D
    4) Kindness  ;D
    5) That:p
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    My Wife & Kids
    Respect for others
    Dad's Army
  3. Tea
    Hugs from Mrs Foggy
  4. I too like babies, but I couldn't eat a whole one ;D

    Next on list SPONGE or anything SPONGEY ...mmmmmmmmmmm sponge
  5. 1. Sex
    2. Videos of people having sex
    3. The internet full of pictures of people having sex
    4. Women who have no moral objection to various types of sex
    5. Beer (because it makes us all want sex)
  6. My penis
    My neighbours fat wife
    My silenced air rifle and the neighbours cat
    The Simpson's
    Cold Carlsberg
  7. 1. Spitfire Aircraft
    2. Spaghetti Bolognese
    3. Ice cold cider
    4. The greener parts of the UK including Co. Down
    5. My Regiment (Pre-SDR) now, My Company

    ooooooops and .....

    6. The future Mrs. PTP  :)
  8. Anything sparkly, glittery or pink
    Fluffy kittens
    Being supportive to hard working hero-soldiers
    Fluttering my eyelashes
    Good and Bad CO

    I know my limits.

    Foggy... I loved your bit about Mrs Fog's hugs - really nice.
  9. Anything moist & pink
    Being cruel to fluffy kittens
    Mrs PTP  ;D
    Taunting trouts and puffs and fireman
    Mrs Foggies Hugs
  10. England Beating the Aussie's at Rugby (1 thing we can beat em at) :-[

    England Beating the French at anything ;)

    BEER!! ;D ;D ;D

    Women who like Beer and Rugby players(especially when they are pi55ed) ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Rugby!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  11. I knew 5 reasons wasn't enough ......


    Is the Army-Navy game still on? Can we arrange an Arrse lash up?
  12. Well if we are talking Wugger then...

    Watching rugby
    BIG, sweaty, bruised, testosterone-filled rugby players
    Broken noses
    Johnny Wilkinson with deep heat on his thighs.... grr
    Kissing it all better  :-*
  13. Good Idea PTP

    Just give me six months to apologise to everyone, then I don't get filled in or set upon by a load of wound up Doris's ;D

    F-S if you truly like all of the above, why not make a movie ;D Just a bit of lesbo action required
  14. 1. Mrs Foggy's Hugs with that added MDN scent (it's soooo manly!)
    2. Ireland beating England at Rugby
    3. Guinness
    4. Potatoes
    5. Living under the colonial British imperialist yoke (beats living under one of our own making!)
  15. QMan - sorry to question this, but aren't Chargoi a type of fish??? Please explain!

    1. Good food
    2. Good wine
    3. Good company
    4. Good sex
    5. If all the above fail to turn up - just a good wank