5 Terrorist Suspects detained in Scotland.

Normal day for the west coast.


It now appears along with homegrown Islamic Terrorists we now have home grown 'Irish Terrorists'

All five it appears Live and were born in Scotland.

BBC News - Terrorism suspects appear in court in Glasgow
I'm was brought up Liverpool, and I wouldn't be surprised if the city hadn't historically offered up some 'home growns'; there was certainly the idea of networks of safe houses through the city.

I recall being in Castle Street ACIO one day and stumbling through the wrong doors on the way back from the loo; the people actively employed in the office suite certainly weren't careers officers. I recall a mixture of smiles and pissed off looks akin to 'what's he doing in here?'; what I call 'Ulster rules' were certainly in effect in Liverpool, and it'd be naive to think they weren't abroad in Glasgow too.
Looking down the other stories on the STV website, I'm not sure they could have managed any more terror than the Glaswegians inflict on themselves. Malky, malky, malky, assault, child abuse, malky, malky etc.
Picture in the link of Helen Street cop shop is quite rare; actual officers in reception!
Although, in other news, disinfo-ops is still posting. So his particular PSRA cell has yet to be cracked.

Well, in one sense at least.
Did Bobby Sands really think that people ( apart from the shite estates of the Falls rd) actually gave a **** about his starving to death.

However it must have left an impression on me......I still laugh at the Bobby Sands jokes today!

PS I hope these paddy wannabes take " Uncle Bobby's" lead !
Should have stuck to his ould squeeze-box, and left the geli-ganite alone then. The he wouldn't have died hungry and full of rage in a shit-smeared cell.

tac, full of *****-all sympathy at all, at all.
What? Jimmy played with geli-ganite? Jings crivvens help ma bob, how did he ever get on the White Heather Club?
All this talk of deep fried goodness just reminded me of something.
My uncle was a warder in the Maze and used to talk about one of the PIRA guys who got caught by his own device.
He was known as Crisp 'N' Dry.
Aww how we laughed behind the bullet proof front living room window.
Flynn was his name!
and we laughed even more when after priority operations as a con stopped,he was released with only one eyebrow, one big black bushy one and like a snake on the other side

edited to say, compared to him Simon Weston was a babe magnet

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