5 Squadron Banbury

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stabspecial, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Anyone else heard any duty rumours about a possible closure of 5 (QOOH) Squadron, 31 Sigs ( previously 39 Sigs )?
  2. Didn't know they were still open!
  3. Exactly the reason for the question!
  4. That'll be a shame, they're an excellent unit (or at least they used to be) :)
  5. Down the road in Oxford Slade park former home of the Ox and Bucks LI is being sold off, resident units were told a "purpose built TA centre" was going to be built for them in Abingdon (that'll be a couple of disused nissan huts in Dalton Bks then!) I wonder if the Banbury lot will be lumped in with them.
  6. Not heard about a closure, but MoD is looking at how all units are manned. A units efficiency was judged by the number of bounties awarded to its soldiers - this is to change to some horribly complicated formula which takes into account how many soldiers (including recruits) attendance numbers for exercises and even 'dead wood' so having 50 people on the books and 20 new recruits is not going to be good thing when only 4 turn up at a Regt Exercise and 2 recruits for training with everybody haveing the second drill night in a month off cos the football is on.
  7. Since laws were passed in the Seventies preventing brothers marrying their sisters and having babies the number of 'young' people eligible to join the QOOH has diminshed considerably...

    Perhaps they could form a special CBRN clean up squadron specialising in bus windows, a bit like W Squadron of the Royal Yeomanry?
  8. rumour is that they will be closed, mainly due to poor attendance/numbers. shame because they were a good unit although i think that was sometime ago now.
  9. You just did that for a bite! :shakefist:

    Well, you aren't going to get one from me, oh no. I absolutely will not tell you about our glorious mobilisation record, and the highly specialised training that went into our former role as a car wash/decon unit nor how great we are, and the wonderful future stretching before all who step through the hallowed portals of Fulham House, nor - Doh! look what you made me do!
  10. In my experience, the power of the 'Yeomanry' will be enough to save it......
  11. Actually P.E. it was a stab (no pun intended) at the QOOH who have very sparkly windows on their sunshine coaches... I am well aware of the glorious history of the Royal Yeomanry, especially their lunatic coloured trousers... Standing alongside a Yeomanry officer in SD is a bit like being in a Kays Fashion Catalogue circa 1960...

    That's like crazy man, yeah!
  12. Very sad news if true, I doubt they will bow out without a fight.

    If anyone can improve the numbers the current OC will.

    Good luck to them, they are a great bunch.