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5 Spanish killed in accident, Defence Minister jumps to it.


I have just read that five spanish soldiers have been killed in an incident involving explosives on a live firing range, three more have been hospitalised.
While tragic for the families and a serious incident that needs investigating, I fail to see why the minister for defence needed to drop everything and rush off to the school of engineers in order to find out what happened.
Typically the politicians stick their noses in outside their expertise in order to seen to be acting and on top of things and in order to avoid the opposition scoring points.
Surely she should have waited until everything was sorted while visiting the injured if she wanted to do anything as opposed to just getting in the way.

The modern hands on disease is not just applicable to the UK. (Shame we can't solve it by giving politicians hands on experience in a live firing sandpit and having a tragic incident.)

DEP Los fallecidos
RIP the fallen.
I wouldnt mind if she came to visit me in hospital.

I'd ask for a bed bath:)

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