5 Signs you may be muslim !

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by Bally1985, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. 5 Signs you may be muslim.

    1. You have more wives than teeth.

    2. You own a £5000 rocket launcher but cant afford shoes.

    3. You refine Heroin but have a moral objection to beer.

    4. You think vests come in 2 styles , bullet proof and suicide.

    and most significantly ,

    5. You wipe your arse with your bare hand but consider bacon unclean !
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  2. Class! More wives than teeth? Did I need a change of kecks?
  3. Just as funny as when Harry told it.
  4. Two types of good muslim???

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  5. Thanks for that, Mr Griffin. How's that party of yours going?
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  6. partying well, fancy a beer? oh no you can't drink it can you??

    don't forget this is the " joke" thread...

  7. Not many people know this, but the first time this joke was aired it was carved into a large piece of marble with the words "LMAO, I just had to share this. Pass this on to show your support for our brave Crusaders" at the bottom of it.
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  8. You get blamed for white people being unwilling to work.
  9. 6. You would rather have sex with young boys, but at a push young girls will do too.
  10. Police in Yorkshire have found a Paki hanging from a tree with his arms and legs tied, badly beaten, stabbed five time and shot in the back six times, a spokesperson says its the worst case of suicide they have ever come across
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  11. Fixed that to reflect a joke an Israeli once told me.
  12. I heard a version of that which went, "A woman for children, a boy for pleasure and a melon for ecstasy".

    That was from an ex-pat who'd kicked around the Saudi/UAE

    Guess it must be widespsread!
  13. I can't 'like' from my iblueberry but that made I chuckle!
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  14. Whats white and works in mcdonalds ??

    the lightswitch
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