5 Scots

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by brecon_billy, May 15, 2007.

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  1. I am considering on deploying on an upcoming operational tour with 5 Scots. Has anyone here got any experience both good and bad of working with them.

    Coming from a Southern Infantry Regiment I have never really had anything to do with the Jock Regiments apart from the odd career course.
  2. They're a good bunch. Canterbury doesn't really suit the Jocks, then again it didn't really suit the Irish either i'm sure.

    My bet is go for it, although you have a bit of time before they deploy.

  3. Brecon Bully,
    They are mostly a great bunch. They have a very strong group of JNCOs, some pretty strong SNCOs and WOs and some good officers. The new CO helps in that he is more of a soldier than the last bloke. Would highly recommend it. :D