5 SCOTS take over training of Afghan Police in Helmand

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Oct 5, 2010.

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  2. Not going to be an easy remit, or trying to train the ANA, particularly if the recruits are illiterate and are constantly stoned on drugs. I't all going to be an uphill struggle, and will it be worth it in the end. They will probably flog their AK47's and uniforms in the local Souk for money for dugs etc.
  3. That is no way to talk about the Argyle and Bolton Wanderers :)

    This was on the Scottish news last week on their deployment just starting. Good luck to them and safe return to them all.
  4. Godspeed and make sure you carry body armour and a side arm at all times!
  5. Good luck Major Nick Calder. :D
  6. All the best lads.

    Ne Obliviscarus - Sans Peur.
  7. Wearing it may be more effective.
  8. Longer serving Jocks got to train Iraqi Polis and the ICDC(ING).

    Feel sorry for the poor feckers who have to listen to BIG L@£$y, who is know for his tact modesty and being a man of few words.