5 SCOTS Deployment?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by liamo88, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Alright Im going to Catterick on the 17th of May. Going for 5 Scots the Argylls, just wondering I've tried to find the next deployment information for them but can't seem to find it I know they just got back from Helmand in October last year. So not too sure if they are deploying end of this year or not? Only reason I ask is that, all going to plan during training I'd be keen for deploying end of this year seeing as the passing out date is november. Any information appreciated guys!
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Application: Processed
    BARB: 72
    Interviews: Aced
    Pre Selection: Passed
    Selection: Glencourse Passed
    Oath: 11th of May
    Basic Training: 17th Of May
    Regiment: Royal Regiment Of Scotland ( 5 Scots )

    PERSEC: Nil.
  3. Ok this is going to sound blunt but no pun intended, what does that mean? 8O
  4. At a guess, loose lips sink ships, plus its not too hard to work out who you are from the info you supplied.

    PERSEC = Personal Security.
  5. Care if people know who I am? Doesn't do anyone any good knowing who I am unless they intend assasinating me. Then again, "Care". ;) Many other's on this site supply the exacty same information.

    I see well just asked a question that i thought was quite reasonable suppose I shall find the answer in due course. Im just one of those guys that likes to know information before I necessarily have to be told it.
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    My point is that if you are so free with your information - then I couldn't give a monkey's.....but since you have demonstrated that you can't keep your trap shut then we won't be telling you about troop deployments that do present a security risk. There are still people out there that are intent on doing us harm.

    So learn about PERSEC - think before speaking and try and put things in context.

    Here endeth the Sermon - out.
  7. Nice rant, now go back to your little storeroom or what ever and play gangster to someone who gives a fcuk MATE. Security fcuk sake that's what PM's are for. And I said any information as in a time frame not the exact date. Im sure I will learn about "PERSEC" in training. As your aware Im still currently a civvy and can blame ignorance for not knowing what you were talking about, but hey it's a forum for sharing information and the likes so sorry if I over-stepped your "PERSEC" fcuking standards.

    *edited for spelling.
  8. Good job you havent got an atitude or anything.
  9. No attitude here, just had an argument with the sibling's hence the harsh retort, but I give as good as I get. Like I said currently living the civvy life and dont have a clue obviously about "PERSEC". Honestly the grief you get for asking what seemed to be like a reasonable question, but yeah I dont intend on starting a thread again. Thanks ;)
  10. A little bit of humility will get you a long way. Listen to what people are trying to tell you and take the hint from those that know.
    I strongly suggest you learn that now rather than wait until you find yourself immersed in a ditch under somebody's size 11 boot.
  11. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer


    I hope you feel better. As others have said on here - take some advice and learn a little humility. Giving back gob and attitude will not endear you to anyone.

    If you spend a little less ranting - you will see that I am no longer serving but still have connections within the Defenec community - hence why I still take PERSEC seriously.

    I suggest that you re-evaluate before responding. You simply don't know who is reading this and will quickly suss you out when you arrive at Phase 1. It could make your life much harder or indeed easier depending upon the responses you give.

    Have a nice time in training. Toodle Pip.
  12. Getting back to the subject of 5 SCOTS

    Not me, Patrick Mercer MP
  13. Good luck with your career in 5 Scots, the AandSH are a great regiment. Hmm battalion now.

    The PERSEC boys worried about the information you have provided have been reading too many SAS books!!!!

    The information he supplied is no good to any enemy UNLESS they are employed by the British Army. Wake up.
  14. Who told you you were going to 5 SCOTS?
    You will not be allocated to a Bn until week 19, you seem pretty cocky hope you get 3 SCOTS.
  15. Thanks for the information, I did hear from another post concerning all RRS battalions saying that 2 scots 4 scots and 5 scots were suverly under-manned. :D