5 Scots and TRFs

Does anyone know why 5 Scots wear both the RRS aswell as the old Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders when their with 16AA Bde?

thanks in advance
Ones a TRF and the other is a DZ flash, 'cause their air assault innit.
And the A&SH one because they want to, Regimental as well as Battalion Identity etc.
Again, because they want to, it was, as you say their old TRF so it still identifies what Battalion RRS when not wearing a ToS.
Sorry, didnt see your last post
The Scots is a Regimental Insignia, therefore worn on the right arm. The TRF is a Brigade insignia which is worn on the left arm, just like the remainder of 16AA bde. However when posted away from 5 Scots the TRF should not be worn. Happy Now! :razz:
AB, you're wrong there fella.
The TRF isn't a Bde insignia, the screaming Eagle is and is worn on the left arm. The TRF is also a Regt'l insignia and worn on the right arm.
As Blob points out, TRF is worn under the RRS Regt'l insignia. Back in 2005/2006 the Argylls got special dispensation to keep their (TRL)TRF.
Whatever their penchant for badges, my lad was on Herrick 8 with them, as part of their Mastiff Coy, and said they were superb lads from top to bottom. He made many great friends, loads of whom are still in contact with him. Titaniums Mash man...Si the Pie!! To answer the question though, the Scottish regiments are still allowed to keep their original identities to a certain degree, even though they have all been amalgamated under the RRS banner. So each Btn has a slightly different TRF, to reflect their different old regiments, when not in Bde? Or at least that's how i understood it to work, but i could be very wrong?

The Thin Red Line TRF is just worn by 5 SCOTS in 16 Bde (this is an authorised badge for 5 SCOTS in 16 Bde only - like the PWRR TRF worn in addition to the Tiger, all those years ago). All SCOTS soldiers wear the SCOTS TRF (Lion Rampant on Saltire). The difference between the Bns in the Royal Regiment of Scotland (SCOTS, not RRS) is denoted by the different hackles:

1 SCOTS - Black
2 SCOTS - White
3 SCOTS- Red
4 SCOTS - Blue
5 SCOTS - Green
6 SCOTS - Grey
7 SCOTS - Purple

Note that 2 SCOTS (also in 16 Bde does not wear another TRF).

Edited to add that 1 R IRISH also have a TRF in 16 Bde in addition to their clover badge.
Nice one Barbs, cheers for clearing that up and apologies for the RRS reference, done only for brevity.

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