5 Scots (A&SH) KIA

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by theylie, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. RIP Brave Scot.
  2. RIP.

    Condolances to family and friends.
  3. RIP

    Ne Obliviscaris
  4. Rest in Peace
  5. Rest in Peace.
  6. RIP to you sir, and condolences to your family and friends!
  7. Rest in peace Jock !
  8. RIP

    Condolences to family & friends
  9. Rest in peace
  10. RIP

    God Bless
  11. thought with the family, R.I.P !
  12. From Fiji I heard, RIP son.
  13. The first of the year... Lets hope (clutching at very slim straws) he is the last...

    Sleep well. RIP
  14. Rest in peace

    Condolences to family and friends

    ...yes let’s hope he is the last