5 Rounds.....at the target in front.....in your own time.....go on!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ClydeBuilt, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. Besides his comments about guys like 'Mac' Macalees, he also had a pop at the lassie copper who got slotted to kick that whole op off!

    "Why all the unnecessary fuss about who may, or may not, have killed the Brit plodwoman Yvonne Fletcher 27 years ago?"
    This is the same mong who had a mouth off at the local coppers and the cried like a kid when they turned up at his door to discuss the matter. The officer in question died shortly after it died down, he had a go at him then as well....real hero.

    In the meantime, dozens of innocent Brits have been killed by Brit plods with neither identification of the plod culprits nor their
    prosecutions taking place. In addition, in recent weeks, dozens of innocent Libyans have been slaughtered by indiscriminate
    bombings by the Brit riff-RAF.

    How many of the murderous riff-RAF pilots have been identified and prosecuted?

    And just in case its a one off:
    "Wootton Bassett is shortly to be renamed Masturbating Wootton Bassett for supporting the cynical exercises in military propaganda in what are not funeral corteges but bodies in transit from one morgue to another, a process normally conducted discretely in white Transit vans. "

    Everyone gets a slice from this guy:
    "I have always been opposed to violence against the person and hence I have not "left it to others" but have spoken out vehemently
    against the stupidity of squaddies who think that killing others for a career is OK."

    "Note how much they whinge when they get shot at in thier turn, but if they travel half way around the world fully prepared to kill their fellow man, they receive only their just deserts when they themselves are killed, such as the squaddie who had just been killed by the freedom fighters of the Taliban who are defending their country against the evil Brit squaddie invaders; invaders who are indistinguishable from Hitler's thugs who invaded Europe in the 1940s."

    And to top it all:Quote: " My right to criticise comes from within and not from a bunch of murderous thick squaddies. "

    These are quotes from some of the many postings he puts up all over the place, you can check for yourselves. The newsgroup is uk.radio.amateur if you fancy read, or fancy a response to his opinion of the UK Armed Forces. This tit has it in his head that someone may report him to coppers for his crap. I have more faith in the creativity of the lads in question, especially our own signals corps who funnily enough, know theyre way around a radio.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand sleep
  3. Can't be arsed, I've some baby killing and a KKK meeting tonight.
  4. Aye....aye. But I feel better after my rant now and Im not locked up awaiting court in the morning.....bonus!
  6. Which reminds me I'll be late picking you up...those baby seals are a bugger to club.
  7. I don`t suppose there is any chance of you telling the rest of us what you are gibbering on about.
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  8. It's OK, I've a lift off 5A, it's his first time.
  9. Are we doing a dry run, or do I need to bring the rope?

  10. Seriously, WTF over?
  11. Read much history do you?

    The lassie copper (WPC Yvonne Fletcher I assume) was shot out side the Libyan Embassy on the 17 April 1984.

    The Op that Mac Macalees (LCpl John McAleese SAS at the time (I assume that's who you mean)) took part in began and ended by 5 May 1980, mainy in the Iranian Embassy.

    I fail to see how WPC Fletcher's death kicked off Op Nimrod....

    Maybe you do, maybe you don't?
  12. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Sixty

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    A troll post balls on another forum and you've re-posted in the hope that we'll all be offended by proxy. Does that just about cover it?