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I have recieved a lot of positive feedback for my other post about a member of the Rifles, getting a vest to test.

Lots of ex members (1st Feb) D&D / 1 Rifles have expresed an interest, as well as a lot of RGJ types.

What I would like if possible is some members of the soon to be formed 5 Rifles ( Ex 1 LI) to register, I am ex 1 LI so it would be good to be putting a vest out to test with the old unit I served with?



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Didn't 1LI do the trials on this?

Sorry, last fews days and I can't resist.


Tango34, hows it going mate? Im 1LI soon to be 5 Rifles and would be interested in your vest. Let me know the details. By the way glad the rest of you are pleased to be wearing a bugle on your heads soon, dustbin lids you must be gutted....lol. My only gripe is losing the red backing.
Wh may be losing the big badge but you are losing all of your privates and your bayonets.

We dont really mind, either, sorry to let you down. Could have been far worse...
Its their recce vehicle...
5 Rifles? Is that all, these kit shortages really are severe.

Seriously, best of luck to the new Regiment, I served an attachment with 3LI in Belfast in 1991 and they were a good bunch.

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