5 Rifles Freedom of Leeds 1st August 2009 (Minden Day)

acornminiminor said:
So KOYLI became 5 Rifles? What did KSLI and SCLI become? I know DLI were exterminated to save some government or other a bob or two.
KOYLI became the 2LI 68, 2LI became 1LI/93, 1LI became 5 Rifles 2007.

DLI Became 4LI in 68 then in 69 merged into 1,2,3, LI.

3LI rebadged to 2LI 93

KSLI beacame 3LI 68.

SCLI became 1LI 68.
Personally the algamations represented the darkest days of my life...

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