5 Regt AAC

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Glorious Groundie, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. I know no names or Ops info but any basic understanding of life over there would be appreciated. (might be getting posted soon as a groundie)
  2. Cold, wet, windy....you get the picture!

    I don't know what is is like now, I was there from 94-99 and is was a great posting!
  3. ******* awful. Get out, get out now!!
  4. cheers Zapped :( not even there yet! (still hoping Glasgow will realise they have made a mistake but doubt it!)
  5. Its a ******* blackhole in life. If it wasn't for the decent guys/gals here id throw myself through a prop tomorrow.
  6. Glasgow never make mistakes, they listen carefully to all our concerns, read pref posting religiously, and always take soldiers requirements into consideration when issuing postings.
  7. and i'm the King of England!!!
  8. Depends where you are now and what you want......

    Lots of crew, ops room shifts and thats about it, not much good if you like field soldiering.
  9. dont mind doing the groundie work if there are interesting things happening to break up the boringness.

    Whats the food/accom/social like?
  10. It's was my last postin there was fuckin awesome but not sure what it's like now I do believe it's gone down hill abit
  11. Used to be a good craic when we had a job to do out there. Probably very boring now.