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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GeordieGunner, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. I passed selection ages as Technical Gunner, and although I originally wanted to simply be gun crew, I've been pushed towards 5 Regt and in particular 4/73 battery!

    Could anyone of you older hands give a bit of insight into life at 5 Regt, the website is crap to be honest, and also life in 4/73... apart from the usual stuff they write on their recruitment drivel, has anyone got any first hand experience of 4/73?

    For the record I start Basic at Pirbright a week on Monday. Very much looking forward to it! Mind it has took a year to get where I am (had to lose a stone before they'd give me application etc).

    Cheers, {Name deleted by MOD for OPSEC reasons}

  3. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Just join up and ensure you explain your choice of unit from day 1 of Phase 2 training. There will be plenty of 4/73 types at the school and they will be able to give you more of a steer than posts here in the forum. You will also get a full briefing and presentation on what still is an artillery asset (Even though the inf have expressed great interest in taking over the baton of 4/73). It is a mixed corps battery and recruits from all units of the Army. Its soldiering skills and what it can provide is second only to one other unit. Give it a go and good luck, but just get through basic first.

    GQ :wink:
  4. A bizzare bunch the old Twitchers, worked with them in Bosnia and they were very proffesional, not sure on there current role and job spec but I was a little confused on how they planned to deploy behind the lines years ago with there micro JCBs and mexi shelters and enough kit to last?. Its popular opinion that they are Para/Cdo failures and they had no continuity with there training and selection but have been assured from the horses mouth that this has changed.
    Promotion will be stifled and suggest you would be wiser to turn up with green eyes as opposed to those pretty blue eyes you currently have!

    Do they still wear that all arms snooker badge?
  5. Lose a stone? Jeez - you is gonna hurt chap! Join the AGC quick!