5 Regiment RA Penal Battalion ?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by easymoney, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. When I joined Five, after recruit training at Woolwich, my TSM paraded me in front of the troop (Don) and informed them that I was a recruit not a convict from Colchester. Later another Gunner arrived who was a convict.It was said that all Gunners who enjoyed Colly came to 5 Reg not back to their original Regiment.However if you were 5 and went to Colly you returned to 5.I expect this is a bit of a myth, but you never know,out of my training troop (Asten Bty circa 1975) only two of us went to 5.
  2. I had a mate of mine who went straight to 5th Heavy Regt from Woolwich when we were shipped out, and i know of at least 3 guys from my Regt who were sent to Colly and returned back to us when they had served their time so i doubt whether its true mate..
  3. Yes thought so, I just really wanted to get 5 Reg mentioned on a post,call me sentimental if you want to.
  4. Ok, "hey sentimental".. sorry mate it would have been rude not to... :wink: :D
  5. When I was sent to 19 (then)Field Regt, it was said all murderers go to 2nd and anyone who got off on a technicallity went to 19 8O

    I had a little holiday in Colly and was returned to my original unit (19) and even to my gun bty :twisted:
  6. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    The rumour always persisted, right up to the 90's. Don't know if it's still going.

    I expect it always was just rumour, although when I turned up early to mid eighties, there were some very big, very nasty men there, which made the rumour very believable!
  7. 31 Battery was formed in 17(45?) as Farquesons Company and was a penal Battery, ie deportation or army(bloody liberals!) and even in the 1980s we had our fair share of bad lads and ALL our Colly boys came home!
  8. Every single one of our blokes who went to MCTC came back to their original batteries.

    I'm not shure it's got anything to do with how (apparently) 'hard' those batteries are - it's just basic management.
  9. Blimey management in a gun battery
  10. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Now then Easymoney!

    Management, what management? You and I both know there was no management in our Batteries. We wouldn't have been allowed to sleep off hangovers in the cam net store otherwise, would we?

    Management? Bahhhh. I didn't get where I am today with management you know!

    Rounds complete.
  11. Blimey, you too? ha ha
    Must admit though, its the only job I have ever had where I got paid for just sweeping a gun store daily :D
  12. Hmm I seem to remember one very bad manager, would Bor the land that one.Management got me to where I am to-day,on a pension and waiting for the last two wickets to go down.Behave.

    Expend ammunition
  13. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Yes, he was a complete cnut, wasn't he?

    2 to go you say. Bugger! And me stuck in the Ops Rm!

    Rounds complete.
    End of Mission!
  14. One to go now,well done monty,132-9.Ops room,your doing the managing now then.

    No3 eject
  15. Would like to ask you have you ever heard of the indecent exposure ledgend from 5 RA called FLASH cutter he was always in the shit for some deviant reason or another and had a lot of colly and SUS time behind himand eventually even 5 got tired of him and posted him to AFC harrogate as Provo lance jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!