5 Regiment, Aldergrove

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by David2008, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Im doin my trade training at the moment at wallop and am soon to put in my posting preferences on JPA, just looking for someone whos done a stint at 5 reg that could tell me what its like?

    p.s. my arse will probably end up in 3 or 4 anyway to make up for manning reqs but with some luck I could get my own way like most of the lads who have just got posted, cheers :soldier:
  2. ******* terrific 6 months ago, but now the RAF are leaving and the army are creeping back in its getting crap and picking up speed quickly. However Belfast is awesome on the piss, cracking Gym (unless the army plan to **** that up aswell), the accommodation is shocking but you pay peanuts for it, nothing a lick of paint and a 50" plasma wont cure.

    Hope that helps :p
  3. Don't listen to the Crab comment above as they like life too easy...After all you are in the Army. It's been a while since I was there, but spent a fantastic 4 years there buddy.

    It's not always the place that makes a good posting, It's the people. I know of worse places to be posted at present!

    What ever it be, you will enjoy your first posting just don't get mixed up with the wrong crowd that bleat on about how life in the Army is crap... You joined to work and that is what you will do. The whole Corps is maxed out at the mo.

    Life is what you make it...You only get one shout...so enjoy it and good luck.

    P.s Life has to be better there now the RAF Police Crab D!cks are going/gone...the t0ssers.
  4. Ralf - have to agree with you there on the RAF Police jobsworths. I spent 6 years in a row in Aldergrove - but back then, we couldn't tell anyone about going out on the pi$$ in Belfast or you'd end up being visited by: :rmp: Instead we used to hang out in the darkest corners of Chomondley-Warner in Glengormley.

    Anyway, one night someone 'robbed' my cleared taxi in Antrim, so I phoned Hotel VCP to tell them and they gave me about 10 different taxi numbers to call instead - so I rang back and told them the earliest I can get back was 0345 (we're supposed to be in by 0300) and they said "that's fine, as long as you let us know, that's all that matters"

    I rock-up on time, just as I said I would - and got fekkin arrested. Thick twats. They had to get the duty fd offr down to do all the formalities etc, and I ended up in front of the OC next day, who went nuts at the RAF Police when he found out what'd actually happened - but as usual they were 'bulletproof' hey-ho.

    Anyway, moving on from that boring story, I left in 2001 so I don't know what it's like now? Hopefully the Rosebowl is still open pouring Guinness but I heard they demolished the old Gag and Puke? I wonder too if the Jock Nag and Posties bars are alive and kicking? I was also caught on CCTV in the 'Darkside' too, during one of the biggest bar-brawls they'd ever had in the place - started no less, by a Dirty BAT throwing a gringo hat full of puke in a frizbee-fashion right over the dance floor (Lynx crew were on a Mexican themed night) covering several crabs and SCH's in a fine mist of 40% proof brown fluid and carrot chunks. I wont go into how I actually got knocked out that night - it is far too embarrassing. Needless to say, it wasn't the result of anybody's fist.

    Good times.
  5. :roll:
  6. Top tip, dont go to 5AAC as a first posting,

    Go to 1 or 9 AAC to play with Lynx and get out and about to Kenya the states and Afghan.

    Failing that, go to 3 or 4 and do AH,

    5 AAC is the manned surveillance regiment. For a groundie, you’ll be pulling and pushing with not many chances to get out in the field and learn your operational job.

    There is very limited tasking for Gazelle and some tasking for fixed wing.

    When it comes to doing your Class 1 courses then Junior and Senior Cadre, your lack of field soldiering will really make life hard for you.

    Get out to the field army, learn how to be a soldier and learn your job then look at 5AAC later.
  7. Ok guys I got streamed today and I had a preference over it with my 2IC, so went for groundie instead of signals even though i was recommended for sigs, so now i need a good reg for groundcrewman, I dont want a lazy reg, but one thats busy and has lots to be getting on with like a decent airtrooper should be doing :D .

    I think 1 and 9 sound like safe bets, however 9 reg is due to afghan in september I believe? I will be getting posted between then and january next year, which means ill miss the tour and wont deploy for a couple of years probably, and want to get a reg where i can expect to be out there within 3 months of posting.

    I really want to go 3 or 4 but I keep getting told that if I go to either of them, i'll be stuck there for the rest of my career, but at the same time i know if I go there i'll get to do pre deployment training in arizona, some R+R in california and vegas ( 8) ) and a good few tours of afghan :)

    Its a proper headfcuk thinking of what to go for, but so far its:

    1. 1 Reg

    2. 657 Sqn.

    3. 9 Reg

    I know chances are very slim for a class 3 to get a posting with 657 but I threw it in there as a ''lucky dip'' so to speak :D if i dont get any of those then ill more than likely... infact definately be going 3 or 4 haha

    And theres also speculation going on that 1 and 9 regiment are going mag-grid, and being immalgimated into one unit based down at yeovil, so if i got any of them id be moving back to the UK quicktime :?

    Oh and cheers for the replies on 5 reg guys :)
  8. Go to 1AAC, enjoy the German LOA while you can!

    Dont worry about tours, you will go soon enough,

    Besides, it will be better to go out as a 'tom' rather than a 'nig'.
    6 months of making brews in the crew shack would be rubbish.... :D
  9. doesn't matter what you put on your posting preference, expect the complete opposite!!!!

    Ah but then your a new airtrooper, which means you actually matter for the next three to four years. After that give up on any form of logical thoughts from the powers that be.

    1 or 9 are a good shout. Mind you as G11 has mentioned unless you fancy completeing the nig olympics (not sure if thats still occuring, i reckon it is though)! 9 then 1 lol.
  10. It wont be 1 AAC, there is no accm available. 9 AAC it is then as you have as much chance of getting 657 as you have of i have of sleeping with Megan Fox!!!!!
  11. Yeah agreed Go for 1 Regt while you still can...But it's not unheard of a B3 Airtrooper turning up at 657 Sqn for a first posting!

    If you get 657 Sqn then your quids in....Best sqn Ive served with by far...

    Whatever just enjoy it....Remember its what YOU make it. :soldier:
  12. Whatever you do, don't go 5!!!
  13. Go for what you really want to do, I know its a long time ago but I went for a 3 year posting at 7 flight in Berlin that was on orders after having only been at 3 regt Soest for 8 months and got it, stranger things have happened, put down 657 sqn.
  14. Off topic slightly but interesting nonetheless...

    Neither flying squadron at 5 Regt has any groundcrew but both have aircrew SSMs - a FW crewman at 651 and a Gazelle driver at 665. Is this the shape of things to come?
  15. No, but it should be.